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Gateway Accessories

Unlock Your Valuable Data

Monnit offers an ALTA Gateway Unlock and ALTA IoT Gateway GPS Unlock, allowing you to tailor gateways to your installation environments, operational preferences, and data requirements.

ALTA Gateway Unlock

This option frees you to route data from Monnit ALTA Wireless Sensors to their custom host or IP address. Then, you can pair your ALTA Sensors with iMonnit Express or Monnit Mine Software for use with a proprietary backend system.

ALTA Gateway GPS Unlock

Get access to the ALTA IoT Gateway’s location data with an unlock code and application programming interface (API). Buy the ALTA IoT Gateway GPS Unlock code and turn on the GPS feature in a few simple steps using iMonnit.

Are you interested in expanding gateway functionality or importing data into a custom backend? Explore the options presented by the accessories below.


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