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Monnit Customer Success Stories

The following are customer success stories using Monnit.

Network World - Monnit Sensors Monnit IoT Solutions Protect Cranberry Farms

Hilltop Cranberry Co. is using an Internet of Things-based sensor system to track the conditions around its temperature-sensitive crops. The solution, provided by Monnit Corp., consists of temperature and humidity sensors that transmit measurements wirelessly to a receiver. The Monnit cloud-based solution can then issue alerts to the company at any time of the day or night when conditions are such that the plants and their berries are at risk. The system, installed this spring, not only prevents the potential loss of an entire crop if the temperature dips too low, but also provides owner Travis Tritz with a better night's sleep, since he doesn't need to spend cool nights watching the temperatures.

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Network World - Monnit Sensors Monnit IoT Sensors Help Protect U.S. Food Supply

Lineage Logistics uses IoT temperature and vibration sensors from Monnit to protect billions of pounds of warehoused food and cut energy costs.

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Monnit with Hershey's Ice Cream Hershey’s Ice Cream Uses Monnit and IoT to Keep Food Safe

Ice cream is one of the world’s most favorite treats. Have you seen the face of a child that accidentally drops their ice-cream? It usually ends in crying and a temper tantrum. Just like a child that loses their ice cream, manufacturers of the same delicious treat don’t like to lose theirs either. That is why they are using Monnit’s remote monitoring solutions to track cooler and freezer temperatures and to detect if cooler doors are left open.

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Monnit Sensors with Chick Fil-A Chick-Fil-A Uses Monnit Sensors to Keep Things Fresh

The importance of food safety is not taken lightly by Chick-Fil-A. With the adoption of Monnit and the Internet of Things (IoT), Chick-Fil-A can prevent foodborne illness outbreaks, and keep their customers healthy. With this powerful duo of chicken sandwiches and wireless sensors, we bring you The Internet of Chicken (IoC).

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Monnit Sensors with Ben and Jerry's Monnit and the IoT Prevent Ice Cream Melt Downs at Ben & Jerry’s

If you are curious how Monnit and the Internet of Things (IoT) can help prevent Ice Cream melt-downs, then you need to read this excellent article by Michelle Davidson on Network World’s website, featuring one of our customers, Udder Ventures’ (Ben and Jerry’s ice cream), and how they are using our solutions to protect their business inventory and save money.

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Ye Ol Geezer Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop Prevents Food Spoilage With Monnit

Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop has suffered minimal equipment failure, but due to the fear of a major malfunction The Old Geezer himself installed Monnit temperature sensors to predict any refrigeration failures, prevent spoilage, and prevent any other disasters from occurring. Monnit allows Geezer and his family to spend more time with their customers, giving them the best advice and recommendations, and less time worrying about their stock.

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