3G Sunset in U.S. and Canada

Carriers across the globe are shutting down 2G and 3G cellular networks which will result in devices that operate on those networks no longer being supported. Monnit has offered both 2G and 3G cellular gateways which will be affected. As a result, 2G and 3G Monnit gateways may stop communicating when these network shutdowns (“sunsets”) occur.

Most Monnit gateways that operate on the Verizon 2G gateway have already been deactivated. You can find the specific 3G sunset dates for the U.S. and Canada listed below.

Expected 3G sunset dates in the US:
AT&T: February 2022
Verizon: December 2022
Sprint: March 2022
T-Mobile: July 2022

Expected 3G sunset dates in Canada:
Telus: December 2025
Bell: December 2025
Rogers: December 2025

After the 2G/3G sunset occurs

Once the networks are shut down, the 2G and 3G Monnit gateways in those regions will no longer be able to communicate with the cellular network and Monnit software. Therefore you will want to reach out to our sales team to discuss the potential for upgrading your gateways to a current gateway.

Alta or Gen1

Customers that have a Gen1 2G or 3G gateway will be looking at upgrading their system to our current Alta line as our Gen1 products are no longer available for purchase. Please reach out to the Monnit sales team to discuss pricing for upgrades.

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