Supported Devices

Standard Temperature

Quad Temperature

10 Amp Control Unit

Food Probe


High Temperature

Low Temperature

Duct Temperature

Water Temperature

Humidity and Temperature

Water Rope

Single-Input Dry Contact

Water Detect Plus

Water Detection Puck


Motion & Occupancy

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

5-Input Dry Contact

Accelerometer - Impact Detect

INACTIVE - Voltage Meters 0-1 VDC

0-5 VDC Interface Volt Meter

Water Detect

0-10 VDC Interface Volt Meter

INACTIVE - Voltage Meters 0-50 VDC

200 VDC Voltage Meters

20 Amp AC Current Meters

150 Amp AC Current Meter

Voltage Meters 0-500 VAC

500 Amp AC Current Meter

Voltage Detection - 200 VDC

INACTIVE - Voltage Detection - 50 VDC

Voltage Detection - 500 VAC


0-20 mA Current Meter

0-1 mA Current Meter

Digital Temperature

Pulse Counters (Single Input)

INACTIVE - Pulse Counters - 4-Input

Lux Light Meters

INACTIVE- Light Detection

50 PSIG Pressure Meters

300 PSIG Pressure Meters

750 PSIG Pressure Meters

3000 PSIG Pressure Meters

Magnet Detection


Activity Timer

Activity Detection

Activity - Vibration Counter

G-Force Snapshot Accelerometer

Vehicle Detection & Counter

Advanced Vibration Meter - OLD

Advanced Vibration Meter

Tilt Detection

Seat Occupancy

Vibration Meters

G-Force Max-Avg Accelerometer

Grains Per Pound

Differential Air Pressure

Air Quality

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Air Velocity

ALTA 150 Amp Three-Phase Current Meter


500 Amp Three-Phase Current Meter

20 Amp Three-Phase Current Meter

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas

Button Press


Airflow Detector

30 Amp Control Unit

Range Extenders

Serial Data Bridge

Local Alert

Liquid Level -24 Inch

Liquid Level - 8 Inch

Commercial Ultrasonic Ranging

Industrial Ultrasonic Ranging


Pulse Counters (Dual Input)

Resistive Bridge Meters

Motion + Temperature and Humidity

PAR Light Meter

5 Amp Inline AC Current Meters

Site Survey Tool

Soil Moisture

Propane Tank Monitor

4G LTE Cellular Gateways

Ethernet Gateway


Cellular Gateways for AT&T

International 3G Cellular Gateways

Cellular Gateways for US Cellular

International 2G Cellular Gateways

Ethernet Gateway

Serial Modbus Gateway

ALTA and ALTA XL IoT Gateways

Advanced EDGE Gateway









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