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Wireless Sensor Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a glossary of frequently used terms and phrases with their definitions.

Wireless Sensors Support - Downloads

This article explains how Monnit sensors connect to the Internet using iMonnit software, and the process for adding wireless gateways or sensors to your iMonnit account.

This tech-tip helps you understand the sensor edit screen, how to make changes in sensor configuration, and what the x means when it appears next to your sensors in iMonnit.

A step by step of how to connect a Wi-Fi sensor to Express.

How to install a Monnit Wireless Voltage Sensor

This tech-tip explains what you need to set-up a Monnit Wireless Sensor Network. Follow these instructions in order for a quick and error free setup.

Average battery lifespan in a Monnit wireless sensor. Factors effecting battery life span. Tips to improve the lifespan of Monnit wireless sensors batteries. Understanding wireless sensor power management. Battery Change Notification.