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Information on repeated data in the sensor history

This article will explain how to separate humidity and temperature into 2 cells for graphing, analyzing in Excel.

This article will illustrate how the Notify After Aware Period notification works and our recommended set up.

Getting started guide to adding events on iMonnit.

Some Monnit wireless sensors can be calibrated to provide more accurate readings (ex. temperature sensors). This tech tip will demonstrate the process of calibrating a Monnit wireless sensor.

How To Use The Monnit Local Alert

What if Temperature Sensor Reads 1767.8F (-999.9C)?

iMonnit sensors have a series of heartbeats (transmissions) and assessments (data queries) to determine the state it’s in, if it is time to send a transmission and what information to transmit. This article shows a simple temperature sensor going in and out of an aware state and what happens in each time period.

Gain an understanding of how Monnit wireless sensors function and how different settings affect sensor operation.

Getting started guide for sensors and changing the heartbeat interval.