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How can I extend my Wireless Network Range? How can I add wireless range extenders to my sensor network?

How sensor placement effects how far apart you can place the sensors from the gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you expect interference from other wireless networks (Wi-Fi, walkie talkies, cordless phones, cellular phones, radios, etc.) operating in the vicinity of your Monnit wireless sensor network (WSN)?

This article ill provides a step-by-step guide to setting your gateway for the best RF frequency in your region.

When dealing with wireless sensor networks, there are a lot of factors that affect the quality and reliability of transmission signals between your sensors and the gateway (receiver). We have compiled a list of useful tips to improve your wireless sensor network.

How To Orient Your Antennas and Sensor Position for Optimal Range and Performance

Wireless Sensor Documentation

What to do if sensor returns a reading with "Hardware Failure".

We have taken the time to make our new Wi-Fi sensor line the easiest wireless sensors to use yet. This tech-tip demonstrates the setup process for using these new sensors.