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  • Temperature Buffer - Glass Bead Vial
Temperature Buffer - Glass Bead Vial

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This glass bead filled plastic vial will buffer any momentary fluctuations in temperatures that may caused by standard refrigeration operations such as defrost cycles, opening of doors, and fans circulating air. The 3mm glass beads will slow the response time of the temperature sensor allowing more accurate temperature data to be captured and prevent false alerts from being sent. This is a highly recommended accessory for every cold storage application. For use with any Monnit wireless temperature sensor with probe.

The vial is made from plastic, with a flexible rubber cap that allows the sensor's temperature probe to be inserted. The overall dimension of the vial is 3.125 in (79.4 mm) x 0.81 in (20.5 mm) diameter at its widest (cap).


In testing 2 similarly calibrated temperature probes in a cooler where the door was left open for 5 minutes then closed for 15 minutes and repeated, the following observations were made.

Monnit Temperature Buffer Comparison Test

Impulse Duration
Air Temp Rise
(degrees F)
Air Response
(degrees per minute)
Vial Temp Rise
(degrees F)
Vial Response Time
(degrees per minute)
5.31 15.1 2.84 8.7 1.64
5.65 15.5 2.74 8.1 1.43
7.33 16.4 2.24 8.6 1.17
5.14 14.3 2.78 7.1 1.38
6.46 13.2 2.04 6.7 1.04
6.02 13.3 2.21 6.5 1.08

No Temperature Buffer – 2.45 degrees F per minute rise
With Temperature Buffer – 1.29 degrees F per minute rise

Conclusion: The temperature buffer causes a 52% decrease in temperature response helping to eliminate false alerts.


Variation Specifications

Dimension 3.125 in (79.4 mm) x 0.81 in (20.5 mm) diameter at its widest (cap)
Material Plastic Vial with Clear Rubber Cap
3mm Glass Beads
Specifications Image

Suggested Application Uses for This Sensor

  • Cooler Temperature Monitoring
  • Freezer Temperature Monitoring