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Temperature Buffers

Get Buffer to Get Smarter

Monnit’s Temperature Buffers are elegantly simple solutions that minimize false alarms and ensure the consistency of the temperature data that your sensors collect. Choose from a slim, plastic vial filled with glass beads or a compact plastic bottle containing a 60/40 glycol and distilled water mixture.

  • The vial’s glass beads insulate a temperature sensor’s lead, slowing the sensor’s response time by up to 52%. It’s a great choice to prevent false alarms in high-traffic walk-ins and cold storage used in foodservice and retail.
    • In food service, buffers minimize false alarms. Multiple false alarms may cause staff to ignore an actual alarm, setting the stage for failure, loss, or illness.

  • The bottle’s glycol mixture closely mimics common ingredients, vaccines, and biological samples.
    • In clinical settings, buffers play a vital role in data integrity by ensuring that automatically collected temperature sensor data truly reflects cold storage conditions.

Learn more below about each buffer type and select the right fit to protect your operation’s data.

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