glycol temperature buffer in use

Glycol Temperature Buffer

Used in refrigerators & freezers, this accessory improves accuracy & minimizes false alarms from defrosting, fans, or in/out traffic. This Glycol filled vial acts as insulation to slow the temperature sensor’s response time.

In the box

  • Glycol bottle
  • 120ml of propylene glycol/distilled water mix
  • Cap with gland for sensor lead

In testing 2 similarly calibrated temperature probes in a cooler where the door was left open for 5 minutes then closed for 15 minutes and repeated, the following observations were made.

The glycol thermal buffer is used with Monnit leaded temperature sensors (not for use with Monnit’s high or low temp sensors). The glycol buffer protects against air temperature shifts in refrigerators and freezers caused by opening doors for product access or the loading of inventory into coolers. This product is ideal for scientific/medical laboratories, medical offices, pharmacies, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., that want to eliminate “false positive” notifications and minimize anomalous spikes in their data reporting that are non-critical events.

Glycol temperature buffers are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Glycol Temperature Buffer
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Glycol Temperature Buffer

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