iMonnit System - Create New NetworkThe iMonnit Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring System has a new “self-registration” feature which allows users to register their own accounts and create their own wireless sensors.

In the past, Monnit’s fulfillment staff entered in all your account information prior to shipping the kit. We chose the username, the password, and all of the user and account information. To give the user more flexibility, we now have a self-registration process. If you decide at the last minute to send the sensor network to someone in another location or facility, they’re not stuck with a predefined user login and account information Monnit set-up before the product shipped.

This also increases convenience for our reseller partners. No longer will they need to set-up a customer’s account prior to shipping the product and transfer sensor networks parked on their master account. Monnit ships tested, unregistered product that is inventoried. When a customer places their order, pull inventory from the shelf, box and ship. The customer takes the information included in the Quick Start Guides and the ID information from the sensors and gateways, creates an account under the reseller master account (through a reseller branded login site) and logs in. Simple.