Using Wireless Sensors to Monitor Boiler Efficiency

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Boilers must maintain a certain temperature level for safe, reliable, and efficient operation. Overheating boilers may lead to damage and broken boilers decrease efficient output causing operational issues.

Boiler efficiency monitoring can help improve the performance and lifespan of your boilers. Monnit's wireless monitoring solution provides information about the performance, condition and operating efficiency of your boilers by using wireless sensors to monitor and track various aspects of boiler operation. This not only helps save operational costs such as fuel, but also provides alerts for proactive response to issues before they cause unpredicted shutdowns.

In environments that demand effective and undisturbed operation, your boilers need to maintain their best possible performance. We recommend using Monnit's affordable wireless temperature sensors to monitor and track boiler input and output temperatures. Wireless water detection sensors can help detect leaks in boilers and plumbing so you can know immediately if there is a broken pipe. Wireless pressure sensors can track output line pressure to ensure that no damage occurs to the boiler system in the event of overheating. There are no wires to worry about, and the setup process is amazingly simple.

Temperature Sensors Monitor input and output temperatures of boilers.
Water Detection Sensors Detect the immediate presence of water leaks.
Pressure Sensors Monitor and track output pressure of boilers.

Ensure your boilers are running efficiently with Monnit wireless monitoring solutions.

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