Monitoring and Protecting Your HVAC/Boiler Systems

monitoring HVAC and boiler systems

Keeping temperatures in your building comfortable can sometimes put your heating and cooling systems to the ultimate test. Often, we take them for granted, just assuming that they will work without any problems. Unfortunately, your furnaces, HVAC units, and boilers are constantly at risk. If you have experienced problems with this in the past, you know how expensive these failures can be, especially if not caught in a timely manner. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

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Problems Facing Property Management

Managers of hotels, commercial properties, foreclosed properties, offices, or any other building, have all experienced problems with their HVAC, heating, and/or boiler systems. If there is anything irregular with the temperature, electrical current, and/or humidity around your machinery, they run a higher risk of costly failure.

In the past, these problems were difficult to solve. If you didn’t hire expensive maintenance teams to do regular maintenance checks on these systems, problems were inevitable. Further, calendar maintenance checks are often ineffective, as problems can arise at any moment. Because these problems are so common and have been around for so long, many people/businesses became complacent, considering these variable costs as mandatory. Then, along came the internet of things, and suddenly everything changed.

The Internet of Things (IoT):  the network of physical objects (“things”) embedded with sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity, which enables them to collect and exchange data.

The IoT Solution

The internet of things enables people to use sensors to monitor different conditions in any environment, which when paired with your machinery, can potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary damages.  For a long time, the available solutions were too expensive and difficult to use.  This has since changed with Monnit’s affordable remote monitoring system, which makes it easy to monitor all of your machinery at once, from anywhere, at any time.

Example: Boilers must maintain a certain temperature, humidity, and electrical current level for safe, reliable, and effective operation. In the winter, boilers are especially at risk. Commercial boiler units cost around $500-$600 on average to fix, and can cost up to $50,000 to replace. Larger properties with several boilers know how quickly those costs can add up. Monnit offers wireless temperature, humidity, and electrical current sensors that alert you as soon as problems arise, so that you can catch them before they become serious problems. Rather than pay for costly calendar maintenance, where there may not be any problems to fix, our system is always on and is accessible from anywhere, providing you with peace of mind.

Example: Like boiler units, AC and heating systems must maintain certain temperature, humidity, and electrical current levels for safe operations. Each AC unit costs an average of $300 to fix, with furnaces repairs averaging $250, and both are extremely expensive to replace. To make matters worse, if these systems fail, they can begin emitting unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, which are responsible for 400 deaths, and 4,000 hospitalizations, each year. Our wireless carbon monoxide meters can alert you if CO levels become too high, so that you can fix the problem before disaster strikes.

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Strengthening Your Competitive Advantage

“They say you never know when disaster will strike. Well now we do! Monnit’s remote monitoring system is such a valuable tool when it comes to protecting our buildings and everything in them.” - Leroy R., Property Management

Problems arising from machinery failure not only negatively affect your bottom line, but your reputation as well. You can save time and money by using a system that automatically monitors your facilities, and focus on what matters most: growing and improving your business. With an optimized remote monitoring system in place, you add significant value to your property. Clients and staff will be confident that they will be protected from cold, damage, and harm through the winter, and will solidify your reputation as a reliable business and/or individual.

Why It Matters

We live in the most competitive market in history. Remote monitoring systems are still relatively new, so most businesses still don’t know about them, or just haven’t implemented them yet (primarily because they haven’t found a cost-effective solution to meet their needs). Because problems coming from machine failure, such as carbon monoxide related deaths can destroy your reputation, protecting HVAC/Boiler systems are mandatory for maintaining customer trust. As a result, you have the unique opportunity to enhance your competitive advantage and become a leader in your field, with a strong reputation to build on.

Monnit Solutions for HVAC/Boiler System Monitoring Include:

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The internet of things provides an enormous opportunity to protect your HVAC/Boiler systems, attract customers, increase profits, and scale your business. After reading this post, you hopefully have a better understanding of how you can use use modern, connected technology to become a competitive force in today’s market. Now go do it.

The Monnit Remote Monitoring System is the most intuitive, reliable, and cost-effective solution on the market. For more information, visit the support section of our website.

“We searched for a reliable solution and found it with Monnit. Now we know anytime there is an issue with one of our buildings! We started out using these on our boilers and pumps, but they are so useful and affordable that we’ve started adding them across our campus for other things we want to track.” - Carl S., Facilities Manager

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