Wireless 20 Amp AC current meter on electrical panel

Wireless AC Current Meters

Remotely monitor energy use with plug and play sensors

Monnit ALTA® Wireless AC Current Meters install within 15 minutes to provide insights on machine health or system performance via current usage. These sensors track the minimum, maximum, and average RMS current, as well as amp hours. If power consumption spikes or plummets beyond user-defined limits, an alert is sent via text, email, or call.

Fluctuating power consumption often indicates that: a machine needs maintenance, is nearing the end of its service life, or an unexpected supply issue. These current sensors are also ideal for submetering.

Large or Small, Track It All

Deploy Monnit Wireless AC Current Meters indoors or out—choose from enterprise-ready or weatherproof, industrial-grade sensors in 20 amp, 150 amp, and 500 amp models.

Explore Monnit’s portfolio of current meters below and discover the right solution for your business or facility.



2,000+ ft. Range through 18+ Walls
Up to 12 Years of Battery Life
Automated Data Logging


Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
Dependable, Worry-free Operation
Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis


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