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There are a countless number of things happening in a city at any given time. How is anyone supposed to keep track of it all? Monnit is here to help ease that burden with a family of wireless sensors ready to solve problems in the community and help you efficiently mobilize public employees.

From logging access to confidential areas to monitoring water flow during a flood, Monnit sensors connect city officials to their communities like never before. The ALTA Motion Detection Sensor – for example – comes with a recent upgrade for a wider viewing angle, improving the scope at which officials can observe activity using infrared technology.

Monnit presents sensors capable of measuring temperature, humidity, motion, poisonous gases, and many more. iMonnit Express operates without using the Internet, so even in disaster recovery circumstances where cellular reception is knocked out, you can receive an accurate log of time-stamped data from all your connected Monnit devices.

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Remote Monitoring for Business - How Monnit Works

How Monnit Sensors Work
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Fact. The summer of 2020 was the fourth hottest for the United States. Excessive heat and cold impact city operations and can often put citizens in extreme danger, a standard Monnit Temperature Sensor detects conditions anywhere between -40°F (-40°C) to 257°F(125°C). With this easy-to-install device, you'll be alerted when thresholds are breached, and it's time to issue a warning to citizens about excessive temperatures.

wireless temperature sensor

Come the bitter cold of January and February, city halls across the United States experienced a sharp rise in burst pipes. Accidents happen, even in the middle of an election; Monnit makes sure you're alerted when they occur with various Wireless Water Detection sensors. Whether you have a Water Detection Plus, Water Rope, or the award-winning Water Puck, Monnit alerts you before accidents get out of control.

industrial water dectection sensor

All Monnit sensors collect vast amounts of time-stamped data. The Wireless Air Quality meter can detect PM1, PM2.5, and PM10, pollutants in the atmosphere to gather data on the unhealthy conditions in an urban environment. Monnit manages the things you can't see to increase understanding of city life and help authorities respond safely.

wireless air quality sensor

As cities expand, new energy obstacles are presented. Installing an AC Current Meter to monitor any device or machine's power consumption in urban government operations. Monnit can manage anything from traffic lights to the vending machine in the city hall.

500 Amp AC current meter

Some areas need to remain secure and confidential in every layer of government. A Wireless Monnit Open/Close sensor audits the activity of doorways to these protected areas. Contact with a magnet is automatically logged as time-stamped data. Monnit keeps access to restricted areas in the palm of your hand with alerts delivered right to your phone.

industrial open/close sensor

Traffic in the city hall is as busy as cars on the highway. A Motion Detection Sensor is an easy to install device capable of registering activity using passive infra-red (PIR) technology. The sensor can be modified to trigger alerts when activity or no activity is recorded. All Monnit devices can also be set to only report data during specific hours of the day right from your phone.

PoE motion and occupancy sensor

IoT devices like the Carbon Dioxide Sensor from Monnit are at work to protect federal workers, educators, bus drivers, and police officers. CO2 is continuously present in the atmosphere. Installing a Wireless Carbon Dioxide Sensor in your facility monitors the levels of CO2 and alerts immediately when an unhealthy reading is detected.

wireless CO2 detection sensor

Housed within a lightweight device, the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor from Monnit is a MEM-based tool with a 0-1000 PPM range of measurement. Even a small presence of carbon monoxide pollutants in the atmosphere can be lethal and detectable with a device like this one. Every building in the city and local government needs a Monnit device.

wireless CO detection sensor
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6 Ways Monnit Protects Your People
Getting Started is Easy!

Remote Monitoring is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Select the sensors for remote monitoring of your schools, parks, public works, and more.
  2. Install. All Monnit sensors can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.
  3. Gain peace of mind knowing that your operation is now being monitored around the clock. You'll receive an instant alert anytime conditions fall below or exceed predefined thresholds.
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Award-winning technology and 15-minute setup mean adding powerful remote monitoring to your business is easy.

easy setup

Monnit's sensors can be set up within 15 minutes. An intuitive PC or smartphone interface simplifies sensor deployment.

exceptional wireless range

Get the freedom of up to 1,200+ ft. of wireless range thanks to the one of the most powerful sensor platforms.

80+ sensor types

With over 80 different sensor types (and counting), there is a monitoring solution for virtually any business.

award winning technology

Monnit’s technology has won several engineering and sensor awards that validate performance, quality, and innovation.

low power long life

Industry-exclusive power management gives Monnit sensors up to 10 years of battery life—more than any other brand!

global rf frequencies

Monnit sensors can be used globally as they support international frequencies (900, 940, 868, and 433 MHz). Monitor anywhere!


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