27 Oct

Monnit Partner Program, IoTvantage

IoTvantage - Monnit Internet of Things Reseller Program

IoTvantage is the premier Internet of Things (IoT) partner platform offered by Monnit. Monnit products are not just for our end users, we like to partner with other companies to provide an all-encompassing solution. Below are a few examples of the types of companies we can partner with and the value added in each opportunity. Should you not happen to find exactly what you are looking for, reach out to a Monnit sales rep today to find out if our team can come up with a solution that meets your needs.

Value Added Resellers

A value-added reseller (VAR) is a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it (usually to end-users) as an integrated product or complete “turn-key” solution. Perhaps your organization has wanted to suggest sensors to their customer base at one point or another, but haven’t come around to it for some reason. Maybe the technology was either overly complicated for the customer to understand, difficult to install, or cost prohibitive. Monnit has tried to address all of these issues with our various kits. These kits are wireless, so simply install using the included mounting options. Monnit kits are also simple for the customer to understand and affordable, eliminating the price backlash commonly associated with sensor networking technologies today. Give your current and new customer bases a reason to stay, increase overall numbers by offering a useful solution that helps them prevent damage to assets they’ve worked hard to build or acquire.

Systems Integrators

A systems integrator is a person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. Typically these organizations have their own products or systems developed (or in development) and are looking for ways to increase revenue or enhance a product’s value proposition. Whether you are interested in Monnit’s wireless sensor hardware offering or our iMonnit online wireless sensor monitoring, Monnit is flexible enough to provide you with the right solution. Don’t feel like your company has to build it all from scratch. Do what you do best, and leave the rest to Monnit! We make it easy and cost effective to private label our wireless sensors, wireless gateways, and our iMonnit online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system.

Independent Software Vendors

An independent software vendor (ISV) is an organization specializing in making and selling software, as opposed to hardware, designed for mass or niche markets. Monnit provides a software integration platform for independent software vendors wishing to use our wireless sensing hardware with their own backend software application. Monnit wireless gateways can be directed to a custom host or IP address where they can communicate with your existing or custom software application using Monnit MINE software API as a translation layer.

Monnit MINE Features:

  • API in multiple languages for easy integration (.Net / Java)
  • Can be setup and receiving data in just a few minutes
  • Fully functional sample application with source included
  • Designed to work with Monnit’s diverse set of more than 48 different wireless sensor types, wireless control and robust, reliable wireless gateways
  • Can implement broad range of sensors and gateways into existing monitoring solution instead of having to implement one sensor at a time
  • Brings true low-cost hardware to existing monitoring infrastructure
  • Worldwide hardware offering with single software implementation
  • Data security and integrity maintained with strong encryption algorithms

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Monnit OEM sensors are a complete wireless sensor platform consisting of wireless sensors, gateways and monitoring software that you can manage, brand and own. Our products offer a complete sensing, data tracking and alerting solution that has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries. Monnit products are offered in an un-branded format for resale and private labeling. Board level sensors are perfect for companies interested in repackaging Monnit products into your enclosures.

To learn more about Monnit’s IoTvantage program and how to become a partner, visit www.monnit.com/partner.

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24 Oct

Preparing for Winter with Monnit Sensors

Warm Fire with Phone

The weather is starting to change in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming. As people begin to switch over from air conditioning to heat, it is important to take a minute to ensure your home or company’s system is prepared for the coming months. Now would be a perfect time to implement a couple of Monnit wireless sensors to provide maximum protection and comfort for your family or employees.

Boiler systems for larger companies can be cumbersome to maintain. These systems are not active for the entire year and sitting idle during the summer months increases their chances of malfunction when turned on. Not only are repairs costly, the lack of heat leaves occupants very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Monnit has a solution! Monnit has created a kit specifically for boiler rooms and furnace units. For under $800, any organization can purchase a gateway and sensors specifically designed to monitor temperature and power consumption in different areas. In addition to these more basic sensors, accelerometers can be placed on specific moving parts to confirm proper harmonic movement. The idea of a remote monitoring solution is to help prevent problems before they turn into expensive repairs. It is a lot easier and cheaper to replace a loose bolt or seal up a pipe than it is to deal with the potential damage of that bolt breaking or air/water leaking into problem areas.

Industrial boiler applications are quite a bit more expensive than the average sized home, but that doesn’t mean Monnit sensors are only for these applications. All of Monnit’s sensors and gateways are able to communicate with each other, it is very simple to set up a remote monitoring solution on a smaller scale. While larger boiler rooms tend to have certain standards and uniform properties to them, each house’s heating system is completely different based on numerous factors. Set up a system that will work best for your needs! All of our sensors can be viewed here. Feel free to chat with a customer service representative should there be any questions relating to your ideal set up.

The Internet of Things is changing the way people interact with machines around them. No longer do humans have to react to a problem when it arises, Monnit wireless sensors allow users to monitor their boiler rooms 24/7. Receive notifications on any internet enabled device should conditions go outside the set benchmarks. Preventing problems before they turn into big issues will keep the people you care about warm over the long winter season.

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13 Oct

Use Case: Crystal Springs Fisheries

Crystal Springs Fisheries

Monnit wireless sensors have a wide range of applications and can be installed in any environment. The internet of things can be used in any industry, there is no limit to what an IoT network can monitor in your environment. Should there happen to not be a standard version of the product you are looking for available, our engineering department can create a custom solution for your specific needs. One recent customer Monnit was introduced to is a fish hatchery in Salt Lake City, Utah that needed sensors for monitoring water temperatures. While their solution was not custom engineered, there were some specific atmospheric conditions to consider.

Josh with Crystal Springs Fisheries uses 180-degree geothermal water from a 1000’ well to breed and grow exotic fish which he then sells all over the world. The only potential issue is the geothermal water supplied from the 1000’ well requires piping to remain running and equipment to ensure proper temperatures. Due to the constant running water, there is much higher humidity inside the greenhouse compared to the dry outside air and Josh’s old temperature monitoring system was not able to remain functioning in these conditions.

There were a couple of hurdles to jump for this solution, and Monnit was able to set Josh up with a complete network for both his hatchery and store for around $1,000. Monnit’s water temperature sensors come with a three-foot probe and are able to record temperatures from -40°F – 257°F (-40°C – 125°C). This allowed Josh to place a temperature sensor directly where his well water exits the ground at 180°F and not have to worry about equipment damage or failure. Monnit also provided Crystal Springs Fisheries with a IP65, NEMA 4X, CE rated, sealed, and weatherproof housing capable of withstanding the high humidity levels.

Monnit creates sensors which are able to adapt to any company’s specific environment. Whatever your application may be, Monnit sensors will be able to track and record data. The real benefit of our system is not only the data generated, but the ability for users to set up custom notifications based on environmental conditions. For example, Josh will receive a text message on his phone should the water temperature drop below safe levels for his tropical fish. Monnit wireless sensors are not just a passive data collector, our technology will alert you of potentially dangerous conditions allowing for a quick response. For a fraction of the cost of repairs or damaged inventory, Monnit wireless sensors and secure cloud networks keep an eye on your home or business 24/7.

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10 Oct

Sensor Spotlight, Accelerometers

Monnit ALTA Wireless Acceleremoters

Monnit’s wireless accelerometer is a digital, low power, low profile capacitive sensor that is able to measure acceleration on three axes. Accelerometers are used in all types of electronic devices today, most notably in smartphones to change the screen orientation when rotated. Monnit offers 5 different types of accelerometers and these sensors can be extremely useful particularly in heavy mechanical environments.

The first type of accelerometer sensor Monnit sells is tilt. This accelerometer activates at a set time interval (defined by the user) and converts measurements to pitch and roll in terms of degrees. If you think about a flying plane, pitch would be up/down and roll would be referring to the clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the plane around the x-axis. Next is G-Force Snapshot and G-Force Max/Average. These sensors measure g-forces (up to 8G) on the X, Y, and Z axes. Based on the sensor you select, readings are displayed as either a single “snapshot” when the sensor activates at its set interval or the max/average of the movement since the last reading. Impact Detection activates the sensor and displays readings only when the sensor experiences sudden movement. This sensor can also be set to trigger above certain G-force levels, alerting the user of any unexpected movement. The last accelerometer sensor Monnit offers is a vibration meter. Similar to the other accelerometers, this sensor measures G-force on 3 axes to determine speed and frequency. Sensors can be set to only capture when a vibration occurs and sleep when no vibrations are present or to measure at a given assessment interval regardless of whether a vibration has occurred or not.

These accelerometer sensors are very useful for manufacturing environments as a primary use is to help predict mechanical failure. Monnit accelerometers make it easy to set up a system which can help predict failure. If a motor experiences increased vibration levels, it is a good indicator that bearings are worn and the motor is close to failure. Usually engineers are able to respond in time to a malfunctioning machine before it completely breaks, ultimately saving time and money.

A complete wireless network does not have to be complicated or confusing. Monnit wants to make it as easy as possible to implement a secure cloud network into your daily business operations. You do not have to be an engineer to set up accelerometer sensors! Simply place them on a few critical parts in your factory and evaluate the results over the first week to establish a proper rhythm. Once users know what is considered normal mechanical movement, notifications are sent to any internet-enabled device should conditions happen to change. A complete solution for a couple of machines can be set up for around $500, Monnit encourages companies to start small to realize the value and scale up from there. Gain deeper insights to your company’s machines today and help eliminate problems early before they become expensive and time-consuming.

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06 Oct

IoT Simplicity

IoT Questions

As IoT continues to grow and become a part of everyday life, the only real challenge to overcome is the variety of different networks, machines, equipment, and sensors to integrate with one another. There are thousands of products out in the market-place, many of which already work perfectly in their designated environment. How do companies turn existing systems into a full-blown IoT network? The answer is simpler than you may think.

Monnit wireless sensors can be placed anywhere. Currently, there are over 50 different types of standard sensors available in our online store. In addition to the standard sensors Monnit sells, our engineering department has the capability to develop custom sensors for any application imaginable. However, this is only half the story. What good is a bunch of sensors monitoring your environment without a way to view all of the data being recorded? This is where Monnit really offers value to your company. We offer software a user can access from any internet-enabled device, but for some larger organizations, having another application separate from existing networks is not efficient. There is not enough value added if managers have to check a separate system to receive updates, then turn around and make adjustments in the local environment. Monnit offers larger companies the ability to integrate our software into their existing network(s). Now organizations can place Monnit sensors wherever they would like and have that data be incorporated with industry-specific software applications. IoT solutions do not have to be separate, the idea is to use existing infrastructure to provide more information and enhance decision making.

There are a couple of specific examples which come to mind. First is a company called Lineage Logistics, a very large food importer in the U.S that monitors hundreds of cold-storage facilities around the country. They use Monnit temperature sensors to create heat maps of different warehouses which display in their existing software. You can read the full article here. Another example is Arrow Electronics, a massive technology distribution company. They recently launched a new service called “Arrow Connect” which focuses on 2-way communication between software and hardware. This is a way to integrate any piece of equipment with any software program, essentially implementing the core concept of IoT into any organization. The article is here.

IoT itself is not complicated, the biggest hurdle it faces is the massive amounts of variety already existing in each market. In the past, systems that integrate machines and software networks have been unique to industries and specific environments. Now, there is nothing custom needed to gain a better understanding of your business. Whether you are a small shop looking to monitor a few random things, or a global organization looking to gain real-time insights on locations all over the world, Monnit products and services support every type of consumer. The level of customization completely depends on your company’s needs.

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