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wireless accelerometers

Monnit’s wireless accelerometer is a digital, low power, low profile capacitive sensor that is able to measure acceleration on three axes. Accelerometers are used in all types of electronic devices today, most notably in smartphones to change the screen orientation when rotated. Monnit offers 5 different types of accelerometers and these sensors can be extremely useful particularly in heavy mechanical environments.

tilt measuring sensors

The first type of accelerometer sensor Monnit sells is tilt. The tilt accelerometer activates at a set time interval (defined by the user) and converts measurements to pitch and roll in terms of degrees. If you think about a flying plane, pitch would be up/down and roll would be referring to the clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the plane around the x-axis.

Next is G-Force Snapshot and G-Force Max/Average. These sensors measure g-forces (up to 8G) on the X, Y, and Z axes. Based on the sensor you select, readings are displayed as either a single “snapshot” when the sensor activates at its set interval or the max/average of the movement since the last reading. Impact Detection activates the sensor and displays readings only when the sensor experiences sudden movement. This sensor can also be set to trigger above certain G-force levels, alerting the user of any unexpected movement.

The last accelerometer sensor Monnit offers is a vibration meter. Similar to the other accelerometers, this sensor measures G-force on 3 axes to determine speed and frequency. Sensors can be set to only capture when a vibration occurs and sleep when no vibrations are present or to measure at a given assessment interval regardless of whether a vibration has occurred or not.

vibration measuring sensors

These accelerometer sensors are very useful for manufacturing environments as a primary use is to help predict mechanical failure. Monnit accelerometers make it easy to set up a system which can help predict failure. If a motor experiences increased vibration levels, it is a good indicator that bearings are worn and the motor is close to failure. Usually engineers are able to respond in time to a malfunctioning machine before it completely breaks, ultimately saving time and money.

A complete wireless network does not have to be complicated or confusing. Monnit wants to make it as easy as possible to implement a secure cloud network into your daily business operations. You do not have to be an engineer to set up accelerometer sensors! Simply place them on a few critical parts in your factory and evaluate the results over the first week to establish a proper rhythm. Once users know what is considered normal mechanical movement, notifications are sent to any internet-enabled device should conditions happen to change. A complete solution for a couple of machines can be set up for around $500, Monnit encourages companies to start small to realize the value and scale up from there. Gain deeper insights to your company’s machines today and help eliminate problems early before they become expensive and time-consuming.

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