October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Monnit newsletter


ELTE gateways

Ethernet + Cellular = New ELTE Gateway

Monnit is launching its all-new ALTA® ELTE Gateway to support customers needing 100% uptime. The new gateway combines both Ethernet- and cellular-based data transmission into one device, providing redundant sensor data transmission. If one network fails, the gateway will link to the other for data delivery without integrity loss.

Selectable Failover
The ELTE Gateway allows users to designate which network will be the primary and which is the failover, e.g., Ethernet to cellular (or vice versa). An example: should the Ethernet network fail, Monnit’s ELTE Gateway will attempt cellular connection in graduated intervals (e.g., once/minute up to 15 minutes, and then randomizing access for up to one hour). The gateway will revert to the primary network once service is restored.

Monnit’s ELTE Gateway utilizes international LTE-M technology to obtain a cellular internet connection when deployed globally. As with all Monnit products, the ELTE Gateway provides simple set-up. Plug the gateway into an Internet-connected Ethernet network and power source, then program it without a PC.

Ready for a new kind of data gatekeeper? Contact Monnit at 801-561-5555 or info@monnit.com.

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

HVAC system monitoring

water detection rope sensor

Water Rope Sensor
After fall’s first flurry comes fall’s first melt. Place rope along leaky windows, attics & foundations.

500 amp three-phase current meter

Industrial 3-Phase Current Meter
Autumn and winter collisions lead
to power outages. Know power status
to keep operations running smoothly.

duct temperature sensor

Duct Temperature Sensor
Be alerted instantly if duct temps fall. Beat equipment failure and frozen pipes and to the punch.

What's New

digital temperature sensor

All-new ALTA Digital Temperature Sensor:

Meet Data Redundancy Requirements

No power or online access to iMonnit? No problem.

Monnit’s new ALTA® Digital Temperature Sensor instantly displays current temperatures for applications where local on-screen readings are required. The sensor’s display and its “read” button allow users to check freezer, walk-in, and reach-in refrigeration temps as often as needed.

While an on-sensor LCD is ideal for foodservice, it helps pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals meet newer data redundancy regulations. Remote temperature monitoring solutions used for tracking sensitive medications must have a redundant method—such as a push-button—for retrieving data. Monnit’s sensor also supports 21 CFR Part 11B programs stemming from the FDA requiring pharmaceutical companies and suppliers to implement document integrity controls.

The new sensor has a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F), a 720+ ft. data transmission range, and both 3’ and 10’ temperature probe leads are available.

Ready to strengthen accuracy while protecting inventory? Consult Monnit’s temperature monitoring experts at 801.561.5555 or email info@monnit.com.

Beta Testers Wanted

beta test Monnit products

Two Beta Testing Invitations:

Invite #1 - Dual-State Thermostat

Monnit is seeking beta testers for its upcoming Dual-State Thermostat. Developed with building managers in mind, this two-in-one sensor monitors both temperature and humidity.

Have an office or laboratory full of sensitive equipment? Seeking a new tool to balance winter comfort with operating costs? Put Monnit’s newest innovation to the test.

  1. Call 801.561.5555 or email info@monnit.com.
  2. Let’s discuss your facility and needs.
  3. Install an early-build device.
  4. Share experiences.
  5. Return device via pre-paid label after the trial period (typically two weeks).

Your feedback and experiences will help us perfect the device for organizations just like yours. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Invite #2 - BACnet Software

Monnit is preparing a BACnet-compatible offering. We’re inviting interested customers to contact us—we’ll provide free access to our BACnet download. For beta testing, you must have Monnit ALTA hardware in your possession (specifically, an Ethernet gateway).


RealComm logo

RealComm | Ibcon Colorado: An industry-first hybrid event

In an industry-first, this year’s Realcomm | Ibcon event has morphed into a hybrid event—and Monnit is a sponsor. RealComm will showcase the tips and tech, such as remote monitoring, that commercial and corporate real estate professionals need to navigate property management amid the pandemic. The event will start virtually and conclude with a live crossover and broadcast.

Virtual: Oct. 26–29
Attendees will watch real-time educational sessions, view tech demos, take virtual tours, and review best practices.

Crossover & live broadcast: Oct. 28–30
A limited audience will be at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center (Aurora, CO) for lively tech talks. Presentations will be “broadcast” to all virtual attendees. Both live and virtual attendees can contact sponsors, such as Monnit, with questions during the broadcast.

Befitting of an organization that’s always prided itself as “being at the intersection of commercial and corporate real estate, technology, automation, and innovation,” this year’s show is a must for anyone in corporate real estate. More: https://www.realcomm.com/

October Web Special

October 2020 web special

What People are Saying

what people are saying

“From initial inquiry to implementation and monitoring several years ago, I found excellent products, very friendly and helpful staff when needed, and satisfactory prices. [I] recommended iMonnit to others.”
-Thomas H.

Looking to the Future

Wireless Motion+ Humidity & Temperature Sensor

motion, humidity, and temperature sensor

Monnit is finalizing its first all-in-one device: the Motion+ Humidity & Temperature sensor.

Optimize Comfort & Sanitation
This upcoming sensor provides “comfort zone” data by monitoring three crucial variables— HVAC programming no longer needs to be based on season and instinct. Additionally, the sensor can support infection prevention by identifying areas that need cleaning/sanitation based on foot traffic.

Protect Wellness
Monnit’s first combination sensor will guide health care facilities in optimizing a room’s ambient temperature and relative humidity. Staying on top of HVAC helps protect the infirmed from dehydration, rheumatism, or dry respiratory ailments.

Features & Benefits

  • Greater ROI—one sensor lowers buy-in for gathering data points.
  • Simplified deployment—install just one device.

Cold & flu season is approaching—and so is this sensor. Make Monnit the cornerstone of your comfort zone management; contact us at 801.561.5555 or info@monnit.com.

Application of the Month

propane tank level monitoring

So Many Reasons to Install a Propane Sensor

Propane supports industry, commerce, and agriculture. This gas powers welding, plastics production, material handling, transportation, heating, and commercial kitchens; it also supplies backup power.

With so many uses, businesses count on Monnit’s Wireless Propane Sensor. Compatible with Sr and Jr R3D® Remote Ready gauges, the sensor allows users to check propane levels remotely—alerts are also issued when a refill is needed.

Sensor benefits:

  • Eliminate in-the-field checks
  • Prevent customers from running empty
  • Switch to a needs-based, not schedule-based, delivery
  • Save customers from expensive reinitialization fees & maintain satisfaction

Tech Tip

restrict or enable users

iMonnit Online allows the ability to restrict or enable a user from viewing specific sensor networks on your account. Click here to learn how.

Grow With Us

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