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The New—ready To Help You Succeed With IoT

Our new website——is a premium resource for innovative Remote Monitoring Solutions powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). We hope you consider it your user-friendly guide as you seek answers that can help solve your most pressing business challenges.

In so many ways, we’ve seen the IoT as the solution for virtually any industry application or use case. and all of us here are ready to help you find and customize a Remote Monitoring Solution for your specific needs.

Fresh from its recent launch, the new is ready for you to have a friction-free experience. We want you to enjoy your time as you navigate and take in all that our new site has to offer. It’s full of opportunities for you to discover how you can put Monnit Sensors, Gateways, Software, and more to work for your business.

Here are some details of what you can expect:

  • Fast access to solutions, products, and product families
  • Seamless search and filtering for products, applications by industry, and services
  • Solutions-based, industry-leading support with an expansive knowledgebase
  • Fully mobile-responsive functionality for optimized browsing on devices of all sizes
  • Streamlined e-commerce experience with an intuitive user interface and checkout process

Welcome to the new Consider it your destination for all things IoT.

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

agriculture monitoring systems

Soil moisture sensor

ALTA® Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors
Make fast and accurate irrigation decisions by knowing your soil's condition even as it changes throughout your greenhouses or farm.

wireless humidity sensor

ALTA® Wireless Humidity Sensors
Maintain optimal relative humidity levels in your greenhouses, grow houses, stables, pens, or barns to keep plants vibrant and livestock safe.

PoE temperature sensor

ALTA® Wireless Temperature Sensors
Ensure facility conditions stay within ideal ranges and get alerted if temperatures stray as you care for animals and crops.

What's New

new soil moisture sensor

Listen To Your Soil Speak Even When You’re Not There

When it comes to precision irrigation, we’re on it. On March 17, we’ll launch the ALTA® by Monnit Soil Moisture Sensor to improve how and when you water your crops and landscapes.

Our Soil Moisture Sensor will deliver actionable data about soil water conditions to your mobile device or computer virtually wherever you work. You’ll have the data you need to improve yields and conserve water, and bump up quality by reducing nutrient leaching and stress.

The Soil Moisture Sensor measures soil moisture tension and temperature—both help you quickly determine how much water is in your soil. The Sensor uses a unique resistive granular matrix element to measure moisture tension and a thermistor element to measure temperature.

The internal matrix material provides consistent calibration without the need to recalibrate after every placement. What’s more, you can use the temperature readings to measure the moisture’s temperature compensation, so you won’t need to get new moisture readings when soil temperature changes.

Other key features of our Soil Moisture Sensor include:

  • Safe in both hot and freezing temperatures
  • Measure within a range of 0 to 240 centibar (cb) or kilopascal (kPa)
  • It won’t dissolve and has corrosion-resistant stainless steel electrodes
  • Internally compensated for commonly found salinity levels
  • Easy to install and use compared to traditional tensiometers

Keep your soil perfectly hydrated and healthy with our new Soil Moisture Sensor.

March 2020 Web Special

March 2020 web special

What People are Saying

what people are saying

I called Monnit's number and had all my questions answered by Christine. Sounds like you have a great team! Thanks for the quick response. Kudos to Christine for her excellent explanation and patience with my questions.

- Chip

Looking to the Future

motion, temperature, and humidity sensor

A Classic Triple Threat Sensor—the Motion+

The ALTA® by Monnit Motion+ Sensor will soon debut as an undeniable triple threat to monitor—motion, humidity, and temperature. Yes, the Motion+ packs three innovative sensing skills that will make it a powerful data-driven force when it hits our stage.

It’s a perfect, affordable monitoring solution for building occupancy, security, and comfort as people and even animals move in and out of various spaces. It’s easy to see that the Motion+ Sensor can be used in facility management from offices to restrooms to server rooms. But think of its application in hospitals, long-term care facilities, data centers, home health care, hotels, barns, kennels, and many more.

With the all-in-one Motion+ Sensor, you can monitor conditions in so many scenarios, like:

  • Know how and when a room or building is used and adjust conditions based upon occupancy.
  • Better care for the safety and comfort of patients, seniors, employees, and animals.
  • Optimize HVAC and comfort, mitigate mold, streamline cleaning, track access, and more.

Call 801.561.5555 or email to reserve your Motion+ Sensor today!

Application of the Month

Stop Struggling With HVAC Health Standards

Can your HVAC systems help slow the spread of the coronavirus? You may have to prove it.

As more indoor restaurant dining and K–12 school classrooms across the country prepare to open up, health officials are putting HVAC systems to the test. To pass, restaurants and schools may need to upgrade their HVAC systems to meet the latest local to federal health code standards.

Many schools have opportunities to lean on various state-subsidized upgrade programs and upcoming federal COVID-19 aid to improve HVAC systems. But even with possibly less funding, restaurant HVAC upgrades don’t have to be cost-prohibitive and prevent you from boosting indoor dining capacity.

Take advantage of Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for HVAC systems and keep them running smoothly. Optimized HVAC systems can equal energy savings. Our cost-effective HVAC Solutions can help you know better how to protect people with comforting, healthy air as you increase occupancy and get back to serving more students and customers.

HVAC Remote Monitoring Solutions

ALTA® by Monnit Temperature and HVAC Remote Monitoring Solutions

Keep HVAC systems in shape, up to date, and ready to fight health risks with Monnit IoT Solutions. Monnit HVAC Sensors and Meters can alert you when facility temperatures and humidity move away from preset parameters with our Humidity and Standard, Duct, and Thermostat Temperature Sensors.

Even as regulations change, the HVAC systems you manage and upgrade can stay ready to work efficiently and predictably with our AC Current and Vibration Meters, as well as Air Velocity, Differential Air Pressure, and Air Quality Sensors.

Tech Tip

how to install resistance sensors

It’s easy to install the ALTA® by Monnit Wireless Resistance Sensor after you watch a short video. Then, in as few as 15 minutes, you can have this sensor customized to your industrial or scientific equipment. Click here to learn how to get up and running quickly with our Resistance Sensor.

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