They’re a Hot Commodity—Keep Ultra-Cold Freezers Running Strong

ultra cold freezer temperature monitoring

Monnit Remote Monitoring helps frozen assets stay that way

Many expensive and critical assets need to be safely stored well below sub-zero temperatures. High-value and perishable products—such as COVID-19 vaccines, research and clinical-trial samples, pharmaceutical ingredients, biological specimens, reagents, and more—must reside in an ultralow temperature (ULT) freezer (-80°C/-112°F and below) to maintain integrity.

Ensuring your ULT freezer keeps its prized products frozen at the required ultra-cold temperatures can require oversight. You may also need to keep vital products safe and viable to maintain regulatory standards.

It’s imperative to keep a sharp eye on your ultra-cold freezer for warm-up, pull-down, and deep-freeze temperatures. Preventive maintenance is important too, so monitoring energy consumption can help you keep your ULT freezer in tip-top shape.

But all of this management doesn’t have to put the freeze on the quality of your work-life balance. For sure, it doesn’t need to be time- and labor-intensive. You can easily do it with a Monnit Remote Monitoring Solution.

Check on your ultra-cold freezer—at any time and from virtually wherever you are—using ALTA® by Monnit Low Temperature Sensors with iMonnit Software.

Our ultralow-temp sensors monitor irreplaceable frozen products and procedures in all types of environments, including:

With a monitoring temperature range at +/- 0.5°C calibrated accuracy from -200°C to 0°C/-328°F to 32°F, our Low Temperature Sensors are perfect for remotely monitoring a wide variety of ultra-cold freezers.

Though most ULT freezers come with alarms, they may only sound an alarm within your facility. However, if no one is in the area to hear it, is it really an actionable alarm?

Monnit Low Temperature Sensors:

  • Instantly send alerts to you via a text, email, or call, if temperatures rise above your preset limits.
  • Help you track ULT freezer performance through an iMonnit dashboard on a smartphone or computer.
  • Provide the options—enterprise-sized, AA battery-powered, and industrial-grade.
  • Offer Wireless, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Wi-Fi versions.

You can also remotely monitor ultra-cold freezer energy use with a Wireless AC Current Meter and your facility doors with our Wireless Open-Closed Sensors. Plus, the Monnit Temperature Buffers (Glycol or Glass Beads) can help you insulate temperature sensor leads, offsetting temp swings (or false alarms) caused by regular defrost cycles and opening doors.

Even if a ULT freezer suddenly fails, Monnit Remote Monitoring can help you automatically document a temperature excursion event and put your backup plan into action sooner. We can help you prevent failed-freezer fallout, including a potentially expensive loss.

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