February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Monnit Newsletter


vaccine temperature monitoring

Ensure Your Ultra-Cold Freezer Stays in a Deep Freeze

High-value and perishable products—such as vaccines, research and clinical-trial samples, pharmaceutical ingredients, biological specimens, reagents, and more—need to be stored in ultralow temperature (ULT) freezers (-80°C/-112°F and below) to maintain overall viability and regulatory standards.

Preventive maintenance is essential too, so monitoring energy consumption can help you keep your ULT freezer in tip-top shape.

But all of this management doesn’t have to put the freeze on the quality of your work-life balance. You can easily do it with a Monnit Remote Monitoring Solution. Check on your ultra-cold freezer—virtually anytime, anywhere—using ALTA® by Monnit Low Temperature Sensors with iMonnit Software.

With a monitoring temperature range from -200°C to +162°C (-328°F to +325°F), our Low Temperature Sensors can monitor a variety of ultra-cold freezers.

Monnit Sensors instantly alert you via a text, email, or call if temperatures rise above your preset limits.
Even if a ULT freezer suddenly fails, you can put your backup plan into action sooner. We can help you prevent failed-freezer fallout, including a potentially expensive loss.

Click here for more information about our Low Temperature Monitoring Solutions.

What's New

new monnit.com

An all-new virtual experience—all for you

It’s time for the big reveal! Today, we raise the curtain on our new website—the new Monnit.com is live! We like to think of it as your new website because it was built with you in mind every step of the way. We want to provide an overall better user experience for you—our loyal customers.

We’re excited to show you the site and want you to know about some of the features you can expect from your new Monnit.com:

  • Friction-free navigation and fast access to solutions, products, and product families
  • Seamless search and filtering for products, applications by industry, and services
  • Solutions-based, industry-leading support with an expansive knowledgebase
  • Fully mobile-responsive functionality for optimized browsing on devices of all sizes
  • Streamlined e-commerce experience with an intuitive user interface and checkout process

Thank you for your feedback leading up to this great day, as we’ve sought your suggestions and worked to incorporate them into the site. It’s been a collaborative effort throughout this rewarding and constructive process.

Welcome to the new Monnit.com. Please come on in, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

February 2021 Web Special

open closed sensors on sale

Looking to the Future

Easily update devices over the air with one click.

A new way to make sure your Monnit Sensor Software is up to date on all your Monnit Devices is coming. We’re streamlining the process via a new dashboard on imonnit.com. Using the latest gateway platforms and firmware over the air (FOTA) technology, you’ll be able to quickly and wirelessly deliver updates to your devices. It’s a feature other platforms don’t offer.

Our iMonnit Software will easily allow you to identify what Monnit Devices have updates available. The best part? You can easily select the devices you want to update and schedule the updates to all those devices in a single click.

The iMonnit Software will automatically detect which Monnit Gateway each device communicates through and send the commands through that gateway. Your Monnit Sensors will be grouped based on type. Then, when you click to update your devices, the updates will automatically progress through each group without the need for you to manage the process.

iMonnit new look and feel

Application of the Month

Prevent the Polar Vortex from Vexing Your Business

It started late last December. Then, after a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event in early January, this year’s polar vortex is expected to continue unleashing its unpredictable artic hounds across the Northern Hemisphere.

What will winter’s second half of fast-changing forecasts mean for your operations?

Eliminate the worry and double-check your readiness. Let Monnit help you handle what the polar vortex might force your way. Our Remote Temperature and Water Monitoring Solutions can help you protect assets, facilities, and people—no matter what weather happens.

water leak detection sensors

ALTA® by Monnit Temperature and HVAC Solutions

Ensure your furnaces, HVAC systems, and boilers are up to the test to combat the coldest weather conditions. Monnit delivers alerts to notify you of anything abnormal about your facilities' temperatures with our Standard, Duct, and  Temperature Sensors.

Weather can be unpredictable, but you can get help predicting when your heating systems need maintenance with our AC Current and Vibration Meters, as well as Air Velocity, Differential Air Pressure, and Air Quality Sensors.

ALTA® by Monnit Water Detection Solutions

Accidents happen, and so do floods courtesy of frosty mother nature. Monnit can help you prevent damage from virtually any water leak scenario with our Wireless Water Detection Sensors.

We can keep you alerted about floods, leaks, spills, and more with our four Water Detection Sensors: Wireless Water Detect, Water Detect Plus, Wireless Water Rope, and Wireless Water Puck.

Tech Tip

Ethernet gateway autoIP

An Ethernet Gateway running version gateway firmware or later includes a feature which allows you to access the Local HTTP Configuration Page to configure the gateway without connecting it to a DHCP enabled network. This feature is useful if your gateway's on a network that requires a static IP address. Click here to learn more about the EGW4 AutoIP feature.

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