Valentine’s Day + The Internet of Things—A Perfect Match for Many Industries

IoT Helping Valentine's Days

“Will you be my Valentine?” It’s courtesy of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Without IoT, we’d all be that person who didn’t give a gift to their sweetheart on the day of love. Yes, thanks to IoT, no one has an excuse for not showering their Valentine with symbols of affection.

That’s because virtually every industry that manufactures, grows, produces, delivers, and sells Valentine’s Day depends on IoT remote monitoring to pull it off. In so many ways and connections, Valentine’s Day just couldn’t happen without IoT technologies.

Months before Valentine’s Day—or any highly commercialized holiday—IoT is hard at work in factories, greenhouses, restaurants, breweries, hotels, retail outlets, and more to get everything ready for the big day.

There are seemingly endless scenarios where our IoT sweet spots—Monnit Sensors and iMonnit Remote Monitoring Software—can keep things humming. IoT use cases like:

  • Manage greenhouse facilities and floral-shop fridges for optimal relative humidity levels and temperatures with Wireless Humidity and Temperature Sensors.
  • Connect Wireless Accelerometers and Advanced Vibration Meters to a greeting card company’s sheet-fed offset printing press to provide predictive maintenance data in real time.
  • Add a Three-Phase Current Meter and Activity Detection Sensor on a chocolatier’s or baker’s continuous operation tempering machine to help streamline operations and monitor power consumption.
  • Serve takeout customers at restaurants and shoppers of big-box retail quickly and safely at the curb using Wireless Vehicle Detect-Counter Sensors.
  • Track food temperatures and safety procedures at restaurants in storage coolers, at cook stations, on serving counters, and in containers with Wireless Digital Temperature, Temperature, Thermocouple, Open-Closed, and Food Probe Sensors.
  • Keep warehouse inventory and logistics operations running smoothly with remote monitoring using Wireless Dry Contact Sensors to manage gates and forklifts, and Tilt Detection and Accelerometer Sensors to deliver alerts on the traffic at loading docks and movement of bay doors.
  • Monitor the process of finely crafting spirits at distilleries from fermenting and steaming to aging to distributing with Monnit IoT Sensors. Thermocouple, Food Probe, and Temperature Sensors, and Pressure Meters for pots, pipes, stoves, barrels, and stills can provide real-time remote monitoring.
  • Maintain comfortable temperatures and efficient hospitality operations throughout getaway Valentine’s Day vacation spots with Temperature, Water Rope and Puck, Air Quality PM Meter, Button Press, and Motion Detection Sensors.

Talk about producing Valentine’s Day for the masses! Now, help spread the love of IoT by telling Cupid to connect his heart and quiver of arrows to Monnit IoT Sensors.

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