January 2021 Newsletter

Monnit's January 2021 Newsletter


Monnit First-Generation Products 2009 – 2021

With the onset of 2021, Monnit’s standard first-generation product line bids a sad farewell. Loving support from engineers and salespeople has been offered throughout the years, but the time has come to say goodbye. Humble beginnings can be traced back to the premiere of Monnit’s first temperature sensor in 2009. The wireless standard temperature sensor, and other devices that followed, served as the bedrock of this company, providing a strong foundation through which we’ve been able to provide remote monitoring services for businesses just like yours.

The family of wireless sensors we’ve presented these past twelve years has grown exponentially and far surpassed expectations. Our first-generation product line has always been full of a wireless starter series of sensors on which we’ve refined into more advanced devices. Some sensors will be relocated to Monnit Labs, click the link below for ordering information.

Our first-generation product line will be fondly remembered for its many accomplishments.

  • May 3, 2011: Our first award as an honorable mention for our “WIT” Wireless Sensor System at the Stoel Rives, Utah Innovation Awards Ceremony.
  • Hundreds of millions of data points generated.
  • Exceeded expectations in terms of reliability and performance.

The first-generation product line is survived by Monnit’s second-generation ALTA product line, which is more alive than ever before. Exclusive ALTA products like the Advanced Vibration Meter, Water Puck, and Vehicle Detect-Counter remain popular with clients all over the world.

Monnit Gen1 wireless sensors

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

HVAC monitoring systems

duct temperature sensors

Duct Temperature Sensors
Equipped with an 8-foot lead, this sensor monitors fluctuating temperatures within air ducts from -40°C (-40°F) to +150°C (+302°F).

advanced vibration meter

Advanced Vibration Meter
When attached to a boiler, this popular device acts as an early warning sign for rumbles and vibrations caused by an overworked system in a process called "kettling."

150 Amp AC current meter

AC Current Meter
Monitors unit power consumption to alert on exhausted HVAC systems and forecast issues before the unit dies.

What's New

Whew… we made it through 2020!

Monnit is proud of the efforts by our team in being available to help in our own way in fighting the impact of the pandemic these past 10 months. From the early deployment of calibrated testing units to many of the front-line labs and research facilities to processing orders in record times for overnight deployed intensive care units, we have taken our role seriously to support the efforts to beat the COVID-19 virus.

Despite it impacting nearly every aspect of personal and professional lives, Monnit had a record-breaking year where we were able to recommit to being the best global provider of remote monitoring solutions for business.

As part of this recommitment to our customers and partners, Monnit invested heavily in making sure we are better at conducting business and being responsive to the diverse and substantial needs of our ever-growing user base. Some of the key improvements made by Monnit include:

  • The investment in and complete onboarding of a comprehensive ERP system that allows for meticulous management of global inventory, accounting, order processing and production management.
  • The purchase and deployment of a top-tier communication and collaboration platform that ensures reliable contact and tracking of our worldwide customers and partners.
  • The hiring of seasoned professionals and personnel to augment the growth and address the momentum maintained and increased cadence of business.

These all represent a significant financial commitment to what we feel is simply the best Internet of Things company. We are excited to be able to leap forward into 2021 with the mindset that the worst is behind us and that through dedication, commitment, confidence and collaboration we can continue to create value for everyone involved with Monnit.

We truly thank you for your support and the opportunity to be your partner of choice in remote monitoring.

Best Regards for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021,
Brad Walters

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January 2021 Web Special

January 2021 web special

What People are Saying

what are people saying

"We are so glad we found your products! The system was easy to install and does exactly what we need. We couldn't be happier!
By the way, your support team rocks!"

– Victor K., South Carolina

Looking to the Future

new iMonnit UI

A New User Experience

Monnit is going to be looking a little different very shortly. Monnit.com is getting an extreme makeover to vastly improve your online user experience.

Along with improved web-flow geared to help you learn what we’re about, we are also updating our branding with a new paint job. Red, white and blue were fun for a while, but the time has come to exchange that for a fresh silver, white, and sky blue color scheme.

The website may look a little different, but one thing that remains constant is Monnit’s dedication to assisting in remotely monitoring conditions in your facility. By changing the way our award-winning sensors are presented, we demonstrate our ability to shift, adapt, and modify ourselves for the bright future ahead.

Application of the Month

Subzero Monitoring from Point A to B

The logistics of transporting frozen temperature-sensitive products such as food and bio-pharmaceutical products like vaccines are daunting.

Monnit has the wireless devices to apply along every leg of the journey for cold chain monitoring. The concern and mental burden over products during transit will melt away, but your products will remain frozen thanks to Monnit.

Directors of supply chain management love these sensors:

cold chain monitoring systems

Low-Temperature Sensor
Receive minute by minute readings of automatically logged data for shipment temperatures falling as low as -200°C (-328°F) from anywhere across the globe. Be alerted the second a rise in temperature occurs above your desired threshold.

Water Detection Pucks
This award-winning sensor can be placed virtually anywhere to alert on water puddles caused by melting ice and other factors contributing to liquid presence. Lightweight and durable, the Water Detection Puck is the easiest sensor to place and start getting your results fast.

Digital Temperature Sensor
One of the newest additions to our sensor line, the Digital Temperature sensor is ideal for monitoring temperatures between -40°C (-40°F) and +125°C (+257°F) where visual readings on conditions are necessary.

Differential Air Pressure Sensor
A healthy ventilation system is key to maintaining the ideal subzero temperatures of shipments. Designed to brave temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F), this sensor monitors cold air pressure between -500 Pa and +500 Pa.

Tech Tip

why sensor battery level car vary

The way Monnit ALTA sensors measure battery level can result in an inconsistent battery level reading. If you've ever wondered why your battery level can vary from sensor to sensor, click here to find out why.

Attention Partners

Monnit IoT Partnerships

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