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Advanced Vibration Meter

IoT excellence recognized by engineers.

Predict the maintenance of machinery and structures to improve performance by continuously measuring fluctuating vibration. The award-winning ALTA® Advanced Vibration Meter uses an accelerometer to wirelessly monitor oscillation on three axes to capture vibration frequency, crest factor, velocity, displacement, or acceleration. The meter also reports duty cycle and temperature, helping protect vital assets and perform end-of-life analysis.

Setting the Benchmark

The ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter is a recipient of the 2023 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award for its exceptional innovation. Following its original launch, the meter won Design World magazine’s 2019 Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Award for the Switches & Sensors category. The awards recognize engineering innovations that increase industrial safety and efficiency.

Install the data-logging meter in 15 minutes and configure the frequency measurement range within 0.4 Hz–4,200 Hz (24 RPM–252,000 RPM) to track a subtly swaying bridge or high-RPM machinery. If a monitored variable exceeds thresholds, the Advanced Vibration Meter issues an alert via text, email, or voice call.

The meter seamlessly provides data for many commercial and industrial applications, including:

  • Manufacturing—Monitoring machines, assembly lines, and equipment to help predict wear and failure, maximizing uptime through scheduled maintenance.
  • Energy field services—Low-frequency monitoring of motor mounts on crude pumps. Remote monitoring replaces in-field checks, trimming operational expenses while preventing bearing blowouts.
  • Field maintenance—Detecting abnormal vibrations (or temperature changes) within a duty cycle that may point to failing components. Plus, remotely monitoring high-RPM brushless motors and smart materials or structures within production facilities.
  • Civil engineering—Tracking seismic activity on high-rise structures or oscillation-related stress on critical infrastructure, such as bridges. After-hours monitoring of tower cranes, generators, and other equipment on construction sites. Understanding the loads (and subsequent movement) placed on retaining walls along interstates and other vital infrastructure.
  • Freight management—Collecting movement and stress placed on loading docks after being struck by cargo ships or semis. The data helps engineers buttress older installations and shapes new designs.

The meter is available as an enterprise-ready or an industrial-grade model with a 10’ lead. Learn more about enhancing your operational insight with the award-winning Advanced Vibration Meter below.

Commercial Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter
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Enterprise Wireless

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Wireless Industrial Advanced Vibration Meter
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Wireless Industrial

  • Industrial Battery Powered
  • Up to 7 Years Battery Life
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Which Sensor is Right For Me?

  • Enterprise AA-battery powered: Our most popular type is ideal for typical commercial & enterprise environments, such as server rooms. A 1,200+ ft. range readily covers most facilities.
  • Industrial: Sensor's weatherproof, NEMA-rated enclosure withstands demanding indoor/outdoor use, e.g., warehouses & production facilities.
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2000+ ft. Range through 18+ Walls
Up to 12 Years of Battery Life
Automated Data Logging


Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
Dependable, Worry-free Operation
Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis

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