Monnit Receives the 2023 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award

2023 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award Winner

The ALTA® Advanced Vibration Meter Honored for Exceptional Innovation

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 30, 2023)—Monnit announced today that its ALTA®Advanced Vibration Meter received the 2023 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading magazine and website covering Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

“We’re honored to win this highly validating award for the ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter,” said Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. “The versatile meter is a critical device that can drive predictive maintenance initiatives and help boost uptime for many companies in this industrial revolution—Industry 4.0.”

Advance Predictive Monitoring Standards

The ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter is among the latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies from Monnit to help you produce predictive analytics to avoid damaging downtime. You can predict the maintenance and optimize the performance of machinery, equipment, and structures. The meter uses an accelerometer to monitor vibration acceleration, velocity displacement, acceleration peak, frequency, and crest factor on three axes. It also senses and reports the duty cycle (how much of the report interval that vibration was present) and temperature.

With enhanced firmware and hardware, the meter delivers accurate measurements with less noise. These and other recent upgrades to the accelerometer help it meet evolving vibration and other condition-monitoring requirements as industrial machinery, technologies, and processes advance.

Sustaining Industrial Automation and Remote Monitoring Advancements

The ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter features a configurable frequency measurement range from 0.4 Hz to 4,200 Hz (24 RPM to 252,000 RPM). Within this range, the meter can capture a broad spectrum of vibration—from the subtle sway of a bridge and seismic impact on a building to identifying abnormalities in high-RPM machinery to tracking baseline deviations of production equipment.

Beyond asset monitoring for predictive maintenance, the data enables organizations to take proactive preemptive action and gain deeper insight into operational trends and end-of-life analysis.

“The solutions selected for the Industrial IoT Product of the Year Awards represent the diverse range of innovation driving the multi-billion dollar IoT market today. It is my honor to congratulate Monnit for their innovative work and superior contribution to the rapidly evolving IoT industry,” said Moe Nagle, Senior Editor for IoT Evolution World.

“It is my pleasure to recognize the ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter, an innovative solution that earned Monnit the 2023 Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC “I look forward to seeing more innovation from Monnit in the future.”

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