Monnit: Inside the IoT March 2023

Monnit: Inside the IoT March 2023

Internet of Things Intersection

Where Precision Agriculture and Productivity Meet

Where Precision Agriculture and Productivity Meet

Sensors employed in agriculture can collect data in real time about temperature, humidity, soil moisture, photosynthetically active radiation and light, resources and asset tracking, machine performance, animal health, and much more.

This article from India’s The Tribune outlines how IoT Agtech sensors can work together to create smart or precision agriculture operations that produce many benefits, such as optimized irrigation, healthier crops, and higher yields.

Please take a few minutes to read this agritech article with its intro and links below.

Internet of Things Can Turn the Tide in the Fields

IoT-based remote sensing can help farmers monitor crops from the analytical dashboard and take action based on insights of collected data, which can assist in preventing the spread of diseases and keeping an eye on crop growth. The use of IoT promises to induce several benefits for sustainable smart agriculture through precision farming, drones, image processing, big-data collection for decision- making, improved crop quality, risk reduction, remote monitoring, and harvesting automation using robotics.

A UN report predicts a 24 percent increase in worldwide population to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 from the current 7.8 billion; this needs enhancement in global agricultural production to keep up with the demand. IoT can provide several smart solutions to address these challenges by transforming conventional agriculture into smart agriculture with its ability to optimise resources, reduce wastage and increase farm productivity.

The latest farming management approach is precision agriculture, which enables farmers to make better decisions about where, when, and how much to fertilise, irrigate, and spray pesticides using digital technologies.

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Vertical Market Focus

Monitor Cold Chain and Critical Condition Compliance with the IoT

Monitor Cold Chain and Critical Condition Compliance with the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help keep laboratory processes running efficiently and compliant, even when you’re not there to manage them. Remotely monitoring - 80°C ultralow temperature (ULT) freezers is a great start. You can automate or streamline the data logging and monitoring of many manual processes like a cold chain within biotech, pharmaceutical, and health care facilities and laboratories.

With a real-time IoT lab monitoring system, you can get alerts on your mobile device when a preset parameter measured by an IoT sensor changes and becomes a situation that requires action. You can measure and log data about essential things like lab, machine, or device temperature, humidity, water or other liquid intrusions, door access, equipment performance, power consumption, HVAC system health, and airflow.

Learn how lab and biotech facility managers optimized their remote monitoring with IoT sensors and can save tens of thousands of dollars by preventing product and research spoilage.

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How to monitor laboratory and pharmaceutical operations

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IoT Analysts Predict the Top 10 2023 Growth Opportunities

the 2023 IoT landscape

As IoT providers like Monnit help organizations in nearly every vertical take advantage of the valuable, actionable data from a plethora of IoT sensors, IoT analysts continue their predictions for 2023. A recent Frost & Sullivan 2022 IT decision-maker (ITDM) study of the IoT industry helped form these predictions.

Among the top predictions for the 2023 IoT landscape are the following:

  • Security and surveillance will lead the IoT market
  • Industrial IoT will become a hot topic
  • IoT will improve customer experience
  • IoT will play a major role in the metaverse
  • 5G and immersive technologies will boost market opportunities

Read the beginning of this article below and click a link to review the full article. Or, read the report’s announcement on Yahoo Finance.

Internet of Things (IoT): Top 10 Growth Opportunities for 2023

The business landscape with geopolitical tensions, sustainability concerns, and supply chain disruptions is changing the IoT market perspective, according to Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Internet of Things (IoT) Top 10 Growth Predictions for 2023.

As a result, businesses are implementing a comprehensive IoT strategy in the short term, envisioning outcomes and growth opportunities that will help them overcome adversity and ensure growth. Frost & Sullivan highlights 10 critical IoT trends for businesses as they enter a challenging and hectic digital phase. The findings were derived from the organization’s 2022 IT decision-maker (ITDM) survey of 2,094 ITDMs from end-user companies of various sizes and industries across regions.

IoT Growth Opportunities

“A majority of respondents, 40%, use IoT in security and surveillance systems as it promises to protect critical assets across industries,” said Cecilia Perez, ICT Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Additionally, for 39% of respondents, industrial automation and smart manufacturing are among the main applications driving IoT projects.”

Perez added: “The need to meet CEOs’ top goals—improving processes, automation, and productivity—will accelerate Industrial IoT (IIoT) deployment in 2023. Further, IoT sensors and analytics will help digitize the physical world and quantify human actions, which support organizations in predicting, optimizing, and enhancing customer interactions for a better customer experience (CX).”

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