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Predictive Monitoring with an Award-Winning Meter

Monnit wins again

The ALTA® Advanced Vibration Meter recently won the IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award for exceptional innovation. The award honors the best, most innovative products and solutions powering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Maintaining high uptime can be the biggest battle in the current industrial revolution. The ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter’s enhanced firmware and hardware features set higher standards for predictive monitoring, so you can optimize machinery and equipment and stay up and running seamlessly.

The awards program is managed by TMC—a global, integrated media company— and its partner Crossfire Media and presented by IoT Evolution World. For over 20 years, TMC has honored technology companies with awards in various categories.

These awards are regarded as some of the most prestigious and respected worldwide in the communications and technology sector. Winners represent prominent players like Monnit in the market who consistently demonstrate the advancement of technologies.

In this case, an IIoT sensor that’s perfect for advancing predictive maintenance, condition-based monitoring (CBM), and industrial automation.

Learn more about the award.

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First Look: Upcoming iMonnit Updates and Features

cloud monitoring comparison

As your Monnit Internet of Things (IoT) networks expand, we’re focused on making their management and navigation increasingly easier. That’s why we’re enhancing the main menu and homepage of iMonnit.

The Monnit Software Development Team is testing and polishing the home dashboard and the new Locations feature. In the screenshot of the new main dashboard below, you can see Locations rather than Networks under Account on the left main menu. The Locations feature will replace Networks for most iMonnit users.
With the new Locations feature, you can:

  • Use an enhanced feature set for managing multiple sub-accounts or locations.
  • Create a sub-account or location on your own.
  • Streamline adding and paying for iMonnit subscriptions.
  • Experience greater data security.
compare versions of iMonnit

You can organize the new iMonnit home dashboard cards or sections according to your preferences and priorities. The cards collapse and expand on the iMonnit mobile app. Enhancements for the dashboard include:

  • Sensors—See how many are Active, Alerting, Warning, and Offline.
  • Gateways—A pie chart shows how many are Active, Alerting, Warning, and Offline.
  • Account Information—This card features user details and account notifications.
  • Recent Reports—Your last five reports will populate here.
  • Sensor List—Review a listing of each sensor by unique name and status.
  • Rules Triggered—Watch your Rules, both Acknowledged and Unacknowledged.
  • Favorites—Add anything you want to access fast as a customizable quick link, like sensors, gateways, or maps.
Query our Knowledgebase about iMonnit.

Tech Tip

How the ALTA® Advanced Vibration Meter Works

how vibration measuring sensors work

The ALTA Advanced Vibration Meter collects 256 acceleration data points to produce vibration data while measuring temperature during a single Heartbeat. It’s a high-end accelerometer you can use in many applications like machine, structure, and equipment monitoring. With the meter, you can predict the maintenance or analyze the performance of critical assets.

To ensure you use the meter efficiently and properly, we have principles of operation for you to follow as you deploy it into your use case. Then, you can remotely monitor oscillation on three axes to capture vibration frequency, crest factor, velocity, displacement, or acceleration, plus duty cycle and temperature. This Monnit Knowledgebase article walks you through essential steps to follow, including:

  • How to determine a vibration baseline
  • Measurement intervals and sample rate
  • Settings configuration examples
  • Mode considerations and options
  • Accessing additional resources

Take some time to review this valuable instruction so that you can take full advantage of the meter’s benefits.


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