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And the IoT Global Award Goes to—Monnit

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Monnit recently won the 2023 IoT Global Award in the Connected Health or Wearable Tech category for improving medical device performance in sub-Saharan African NICUs.

After being a finalist with 10 other international IoT companies, Monnit was recognized as the winner because of its work with integration partners—3rd Stone Design and Hadleigh Health Technologies—to remotely monitor neonatal medical devices in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and other countries.

With 3rd Stone Design and Hadleigh Health Technologies, we created the Hadli Monitoring System, which features the Hadli Device Monitor, Humidity Sensor, Cellular Gateway, and Cloud Dashboard. These Monnit partners focus on improving NICU medical device distribution, use, and performance through a coalition called Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies, or NEST360.

The IoT Global Awards are organized by WeKnow Media Ltd—the owner of award- winning IoT, high-tech, and telecom media—and are known as the industry’s benchmark for excellence in IoT, honoring the most innovative IoT companies and products.

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A New High-Pressure Meter Can Handle It

Tech News

Last week, Monnit launched a new pressure meter in its versatile ALTA® Wireless PSIG Pressure Meter product line. The ALTA 3000 PSIG Pressure Meter joins the ALTA 50, 300, and 750 to remotely monitor gas, liquid, and vapor or steam pipeline systems. Our expanding line of commercial and industrial meters makes it easier to stay on top of critical pressure processes and keep them flowing safely and efficiently.

Accurately monitoring, testing, and measuring pressure are essential requirements for many pressurized systems to run safely and with optimized quality control. Pressure measurements can help infer flow rates, fluid levels, product density, and other vital factors for those needing them.

With the new ALTA 3000 PSIG Pressure Meter, you now have more ability to measure higher pipeline pressure ranges in municipal water systems, research labs, critical hospital care and operating rooms, building HVAC/R systems, petrochemical refineries, manufacturing plants, and others.

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Tech Tip

Tech Tip: How to Create Various Rules in iMonnit

how to create Rules in iMonnit

In January, we showed you How to Create a Rule for a Sensor Reading in iMonnit in this video. Creating Rules is essential for IoT remote monitoring. Creating Rules in iMonnit will prompt instant alerts on your mobile device to help you actively monitor critical changes to conditions and the status of your IoT application.

Today, you can watch two new videos about creating Rules:

  1. How to Create a New Rule: Device Inactivity Status —Set up a notification for a teammate or yourself when a sensor is inactive for more than a specific number of minutes.
  2. How to Create a Rule for a Device Battery Level in iMonnit —Get an alert via text, email, or voice call when a sensor’s battery level is below a certain percentage.

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Take the One-Minute CO2 Sensor Survey

Monnit Survey

Do you need to monitor more than 1% (10,000 ppm) of carbon dioxide (CO2)? That’s what our ALTA Wireless CO2 Sensor measures. What about 5% (50,000 ppm), 25% (250k ppm), or even 100% (1 M ppm)? We’d like to hear from you. Please tell us in this brief one-minute Monnit Survey.

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