Monnit News Briefs - February 2023

IECEx-Certified Sensors & New Gateways

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Intrinsically Safe Sensors for Your Business

ALTA IECEx sensors
Ensure Safety’s First in Potentially Hazardous Environments

Do you need to monitor machinery and operations at refineries, paint booths, grain silos, food processing plants, pharmaceutical production lines, mining and construction sites, woodworking factories, or other potentially hazardous environments?

If so, you should be using intrinsically safe, hazardous-duty sensors.

That’s because one spark from a standard sensor could ignite nearby combustible substances or explosive atmospheres and significantly damage or destroy your operations.

An explosive atmosphere is a mixture of dangerous substances with air containing gases, vapors, mist, or dust. After ignition, due to a spark from electronics or simple friction, combustion can quickly spread to an unburned mixture immediately within and throughout industrial and other rugged environments.

Track Critical Conditions With Intrinsically Safe Sensors

So if there’s gas, liquid, or vapor pipeline pressure, machine or area climate temperature, physical access, or mechanical actuation that you need to track, we have intrinsically safe sensors for those jobs. Our three award-winning ALTA-ISX ® Wireless Sensors can work safely in potentially hazardous environments and within explosive atmospheres. The ALTA-ISX Temperature and Dry Contact Sensors and the 300 PSIG Pressure Meter are IECEX-certified. These sensors are approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres or IECEx.

Keep Industrial Safety Top of Mind

As industrial environments evolve with new technologies and processes, operational safety precautions must remain at the forefront. The ALTA-ISX Sensors help protect the safety of workers and their operations in industrial facilities and other potentially hazardous environments. Organizations worldwide can confidently use Monnit’s IECEx-certified IoT products to ensure they realize the transformative value of safe IoT remote monitoring.

Tech News

IoT Global Awards Finalist + New ALTA XL® Gateways

Monnit is a IoT award finalist
Monnit is a Finalist for the IoT Global Awards

WeKnow Media Ltd recently announced the shortlist of nominees for the 2023 IoT Global Awards. Monnit is among 11 organizations that are finalists in the Connected Health & Wearable Tech category.

The IoT Global Awards recognize outstanding achievements in IoT technology and leadership innovation from around the world and a wide range of sectors in addition to Connected Health & Wearable Tech, like Big Data, Cloud & Analytics and Smart Cities, Government & Utilities. Stay tuned. Winners will be announced on Feb. 8.

new longer range gateways
Now Available: New Gateways Offer Extended Wireless Range

Have you ever wanted to hear conversations through many walls or from thousands of feet away? Many do. Well, at least you can use our new ALTA XL® Wireless Gateways to send and receive IoT sensor messages at greater distances than the ALTA® Gateways.

The ALTA XL IoT and Ethernet Gateways with up to 1 Watt transmission strength offer exceptional transceiver and amplified receiver capabilities to send and receive data communications with ALTA Sensors 2,000+ feet through 18+ walls in commercial, rugged, and remote environments.

In addition to the superior wireless reach, the ALTA XL IoT and Ethernet Gateways retain their original features. For the ALTA XL Commercial and Industrial IoT Gateways include the 4G LTE CAT-M1/NB2 cellular engine. The ALTA XL Ethernet Gateway allows you to connect your IoT network of up to 100 ALTA Wireless Sensors to the Internet without needing a PC.

Web Special

Deal Maker: Protect Facilities and Critical Assets from Water

February web special

Take advantage of a 15% discount when you buy the now even more robust ALTA Water Detect Plus Sensor.

  • Limited to 25 units per customer
  • Overstock offering of AA and industrial sensors
  • Available while supplies last or through Feb. 28, 2023
  • For new orders only and can’t be combined with other offers or discounts
  • The product is NCNR (non-cancelable, non-returnable)
  • Mention discount code: WATER15

Call your Monnit Sales Representative today at (801) 561-5555 for this exclusive, limited-time offer.

Tech Tip

Automatically Reset an ALTA Pulse Counter Accumulator

Reset an Alta Pulse Counter

There are many reasons to use an ALTA Pulse Counter Sensor. You can monitor water, gas, and airflow meters and track machinery use, production line performance, door access, turnstile rotations, and more. In iMonnit, you can set schedules and conditions for the Pulse Counter to monitor and configure other important Rules and settings.

Watch this short how-to video to create a schedule to automatically reset the Pulse Counter’s Accumulator so it’s ready to collect essential data points within a specific timeframe.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  1. Create a new Schedule Rule or edit an existing Rule’s Task.
  2. Create a System Action to automate the reset of the Accumulator.

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The Monnit Product Development Team is working hard to create our next sensors and gateways. We’d like to hear from you. Please tell us your ideas about what you want Monnit to investigate in this brief one-question survey. For example, do you want:

  • Additional NIST or traceable certifications?
  • Higher-rated pressure sensors?
  • Additional software offerings?
  • Other RF platforms? (We offer ALTA and Wi-Fi)
  • Additional interfaces for sensors to communicate? (We offer Modbus, TCP, SNMP, RS232/485)

Thank you in advance for taking a moment to answer our open-ended question in this Monnit Survey.

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