enterprise water detect plus sensor in riser room

Water Detect Plus Sensors

The plus side of early detection

Instant alerts from Monnit’s ALTA® Water Detect Plus Sensors help defend against weather, faulty plumbing, and equipment failure. In addition to detection, the sensors monitor for water’s absence—helpful for sanitation and remediation.

The Right Sensor Type for the Right Job

Water Detect Plus devices are available as a Power over Ethernet sensor, as well as wireless commercial, enterprise, and industrial sensors.

Every Detect Plus sensor has a probe-capped 3’ lead. Upon water contact, the probe’s electrical circuit closes to trigger an alert. The Detect Plus probe helps minimize false alarms when mounted to compensate for expected variables, e.g., condensation.

Optional 10’, 25’, 50’, and 100’ lead lengths expand usage.

Meet the diverse Water Detect Plus Sensor family below, and bring the plus side of early detection to your business.

Wireless Water Detect+ Sensor
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Enterprise Wireless

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Wireless Water Detect+ Sensor - Coin Cell Powered
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Commercial Wireless

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Industrial Wireless Water Detect+ Sensor
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Industrial Wireless

  • Industrial Battery Powered
  • Up to 7 Years Battery Life
  • Specifications

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PoE Sensors
PoE•X Water Detect Plus Sensor
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PoE•X - Power over Ethernet

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Which Sensor is Right For Me?

  • Enterprise AA-battery powered: Our most popular type is ideal for typical commercial & enterprise environments, such as server rooms. A 1,200+ ft. range readily covers most facilities.
  • CC-battery powered: Compact sensor is great for space-restricted areas such as control cabinets or cold storage.
  • Industrial: Sensor's weatherproof, NEMA-rated enclosure withstands demanding indoor/outdoor use, e.g., warehouses & production facilities.
  • PoE•X: Power over Ethernet sensors integrate with a building's PoE network; it can also be used with a standard Ethernet infrastructure & powered via an optional AC adapter.
Still not sure which sensor type to choose? Visit our Sensor Comparison page.



1200+ ft. Range
Up to 12 Years of Battery Life
Automated Data Logging


Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
Dependable, Worry-free Operation
Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis

How Monnit Sensors Work

how Monnit remote monitoring works

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