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Internet of Things Intersection

Where IoT Solutions and ESG Initiatives Meet

IoT and ESG

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help you achieve many facets of your sustainability goals. As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives become more prevalent, the IoT can be instrumental in implementing them and achieving their benefits.

In the article link below, Brady Brim-DeForest, a Forbes Councils Member and CEO of TheoremOne, shares a few ways the IoT can help organizations deliver on ESG initiatives and benefit from increased cost-effectiveness, health, security, and efficiency.

Here’s the introduction to Brim-DeForest’s article.

How IoT Can Improve ESG—For Companies and Communities

Increasingly, companies are prioritizing environmental, social, and governance initiatives as “main courses” as opposed to merely side dishes—both due to their own goals for positive impacts on climate change and in recognition of stakeholders’ increasing demands for sustainability. In most cases, this takes the form of investments in green assets and funds and touting business processes that are inherently environmentally friendly (such as remote working) while simultaneously making efforts to mitigate necessary but damaging practices (such as buying carbon offsets to address the impact of airline travel).

For company leaders seeking ways to improve their green profile, there is a bit of good news: By deploying the latest Internet of Things-based solutions, it’s already possible to make massive improvements—minimizing energy waste, limiting air and water pollution, and reducing carbon emissions. And in the process, IoT-based systems can save money, drive efficiencies, and function better than their outdated, non-IoT counterparts.

Here are some of the many ways IoT systems can help companies “live” their ESG values while at the same time promoting a better (and more cost-effective) user experience:

Vertical Market Focus

The IoT Gives Storage Renters Peace of Mind

IoT helping storage facilities

The primary goal of storage unit owners and managers is to keep renter belongings safe 24/7. The IoT is one of the best partners they could have to make this happen. With IoT sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, water, and access installed in self-storage units, renters will have the confidence they need to know that their valued assets are in the right place.

Storage managers can easily offer a self-storage IoT kit with these sensors to renters for an added fee and service. Or they can install a comprehensive IoT remote monitoring solution across a facility and cover the cost in the renter’s monthly payments.

Learn how self-storage facility managers can offer their renters a value-added IoT remote monitoring service with fast-install IoT sensors.

IoT Insights

How the IoT Changes Our Working World

IoT and the labor market

The Digital Skills Opportunity for All report from the Randstad and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says we need to reinvent the current workforce. Why? Because digital technologies like the IoT are reshaping the world of work and traditional jobs.

The report suggests that employers and employees must keep up with and even stay ahead of new trends in a labor market that increasingly relies on digital skills. How is the fast-evolving digital workplace—whether in the office, remote, or hybrid—changing your role? What new digital skills should you acquire now before what you do becomes obsolete?

Consider these questions while reading the beginning of the article featuring highlights and conclusions from the report below. Or, click a link to the full article on World Economic

Digital Skills: How Businesses and Policymakers Can Respond to Future Demand in the Labour Market

Digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing are fundamentally reshaping the world of work.

The digitization of business is influencing how and where we work and the jobs we will do in the future. Some traditional roles will vanish altogether, replaced by automation; others will see AI and machine learning being used in tandem to make humans more productive and insightful.

Some jobs of the future have yet to emerge, but there’s already plenty of evidence to show the impact digital technology is having on the workplace.

Digital Skills Opportunity for All is a new report from the Randstad and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It analyzes more than 400 million job postings published online in the last 10 years to highlight the labour market occupations and skills most in demand.

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