The Christmas Box International Receives Gifts for Children, Teens, and Young Adults from Monnit

Monnit presents for Project Elf
Project Elf Enlists Monnit Employees Because Every Child Deserves A Christmas

Monnit employees donating gifts

This holiday season gave Monnit employees even greater purpose because we participated again in The Christmas Box International’s Project Elf. Employees bought toys, blankets, gift cards, and other needed items for children, teens, and young adults cared for by The Christmas Box International.

We enjoyed starting each December day by walking into our lobby to see more and more gifts around our tree. We’re grateful we could give to some of the thousands of children and youth that The Christmas Box International serves.

A special thanks to our Monnit Project Elf Coordinators Cindy Power and Vanessa Register.

More About Project Elf and The Christmas Box International

Monnit gifts for children

Founded by Richard Paul and Keri Evans, The Christmas Box International helps fill Santa’s sleigh every year for youth in our community who have been abused, neglected, trafficked, or are facing homelessness.

Project Elf offers fun and meaningful opportunities for businesses, individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, scouts, and church groups to brighten the holidays for those in need because every child deserves a Christmas.

The Christmas Box International also partners with local, national, and international groups to defend and care for the most vulnerable children every other day of the year. For more information about how this wonderful organization works to prevent child abuse through a culture of universal diversity, inclusion, and love, visit

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