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A Message from Monnit

2020 has challenged everything.

Beliefs have been tested, and society’s adapted to newer ways of interacting that help keep communities healthy. Buoyed by optimistic vaccine news, all of us at Monnit are taking stock on what really mattered this year—including our partnerships with you.

Virtually every sector we support has experienced booms and busts this year. The world became intensely focused on health care, and hospitals’ remote monitoring needs grew exponentially. Retail had to dramatically shift how goods are sold. Building operators adjusted to minimal (or no) occupancy within facilities.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to be here, supporting you. At our Salt Lake City headquarters, the production line continues to hum, engineers keep tinkering, and product experts continue taking calls. And for all of this, we are incredibly grateful.

Collectively, we’re all standing on the edge of 2021, eager to not just rebuild but build everything better. After all, improvement is at the heart of remote monitoring—data is collected to prevent loss and injury while arriving at smarter decisions.

Take a look at how your organization has fared and determine what it will need to move forward. Then give us a call. We’ll be here to support you with new ways to get your job done better.

Yours in gratitude,

goodbye 2020

  Seasonal Monitoring Needs

December seasonal monitoring

industrial light meter

Industrial Light Sensor
A weather-tight sensor tracks lights for nighttime ski runs and general resort safety.

dry contact sensor

Dry Contact Sensor
Picture-perfect resorts rely on tightly executed maintenance. Track when equipment, e.g., plows, are in use.

industrial advanced vibration meter

Industrial Advanced Vibration Meter
Mother Nature is tempestuous—make all the snow you need. We’ll monitor machine health for you.

  What’s New

Heat-seeking Sensor:
Wide Angle Motion & Occupancy Monitoring Solutionwide-angle-motion-sensor-1

Monnit’s ALTA® Wide Angle Motion & Occupancy Sensor is now ready to support personnel and facility managers just in time for a season of fluctuating building usage and occupancy.

Utilizing Passive Infrared Technology (PIR), the new battery-powered sensor records the occupancy of workspaces (e.g., desks), small corridors, and the use of conference room tables. Captured data supports building use analysis, space-booking, and even sanitation initiatives.

Sensor Features:
• Décor-friendly, white housing
• Sensing range of 16.4 ft (5 m)
• 110-degree viewing angle
• Camera-free operation—records heat signatures, not images

Need a hand tracking attendance and building usage? Call 801.561-5555 or email

  December Web Special

December 2020 web special

  What People Are Saying

what people are saying

Monnit’s people, products, and industry-recognized manufacturing practices are moving entire industries forward. I’m pleased to be taking this next step in my career at a firm that’s poised for a tremendous 2021!

Jeff Tanner | Monnit Director of Sales

  Looking to the Future

On the horizon: Sensor Provisioning App

Monnit is developing a sensor provisioning app that will streamline the set-up experience for new users. In its early stages, the app will be downloadable from and offer:

• Faster account set-up
• Pre-configuration of typical sensor applications
• Simplified notification set-up
• At-a-glance sensor overview on your preferred handheld devicenew app release

Driven by the goal to put users first, the app will be welcome among users who have complicated remote monitoring applications yet need tools that streamline sensor customization.

Have questions or want to stay current on the app’s development? Call 801.561.5555 or email


Spec the Halls: FMs Making the Most of Winter Holidays

Over the next four weeks, businesses will turn off the phones, lock the doors, and dim the lights. Employees will head home or log-off to enjoy winter celebrations or reflect on the promise of a new day.

With the halls quiet, facility managers and building owners will throttle ahead with the remote monitoring solutions to protect assets from the long winter. And, because they’re eager to head home too, 15-minute sensor install will have facility techs out before the sun sets and holiday lights begin to twinkle.

See what FMs and building owners routinely turn to each winter:

December 2020 newsletter application image


Temperature Sensor
Remotely monitor temperatures around wet pipe sprinkler systems. Know of drafts, freezes, or identify needs for insulation to protect life-saving systems and prevent bursts

Three-phase Current Meter
With a single, icy gust, Old Man Winter can wreak havoc on your facility’s external power supply. Implement three-phase current meters to stay abreast and be ready to engage contingency plans.

Industrial Water Detect
Facility have a flat roof? Use an outdoor-ready industrial sensor to track snow melt, sleet, or rain levels. Know about excessive water build-up to mitigate infrastructure stress.

Voltage Meters
Whether it’s snow removal or material handling equipment, sensors inform you about battery status so your teams can hit the ground running in 2021!

  Tech Tip

December 2020 tech tip

System Actions allow for a user to configure logic in relation to notifications and/or Add-on devices (such as Control Units, Local Alerts). System Actions are used in conjunction with the Action tab when configuring Actions in the iMonnit Online Portal. Click now to learn more.

  Attention Partners

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