food probe sensor in use in commercial kitchen

Wireless Food Probe Sensor

Serve Superior Safety

Monnit’s ALTA® Wireless Food Probe replaces manual temperature checks with remote data collection for safety and quality. The Food Probe measures the internal temperature of food from -50°C to 260°C (-58°F to 500°F). Temperature is instantly displayed on an LCD; data can be automatically transmitted to iMonnit Sensor Software for compliance and analysis.

    The Food Probe was developed for a fast-food chain and is enclosed in an ergonomic IP67-rated case with seamless push-buttons to facilitate sanitation.

Delight with Data-driven Dishes

Automated data collection with this wireless food thermometer is reliable and repeatable. Thus, Monnit’s 21 CFR part 11B compliant device helps producers and restaurants align with the FDA Food Modernization Act and fortify HACCP programs.

Automated data logging benefits:

    Spot-check recipes or analyze production
    Provide a data trail from processing to preparation

Keep Secret Ingredients a Secret
The Food Probe provides temperature data with bank-grade security and an industry-leading data transmission range of 1,200’. This food sensor is compatible with Monnit SensorPrints™, which authenticates data by “fingerprinting” sensors with an identity.

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Restauranteurs and food producers rely on Monnit’s Wireless Food Probe for quality control to protect their brands. Get yours below and harness the power of remote monitoring.

Which Sensor is Right For Me?

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1200+ ft. Range
Up to 12 Years of Battery Life
Automated Data Logging


Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
Dependable, Worry-free Operation
Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis

How Monnit Sensors Work

how Monnit remote monitoring works

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