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Go Around The World To Monnit Korea

Monnit Korea is a prime example of our growing global reach. As one of more than 85 countries where we serve more than 45,000 customers, it’s our primary presence in the expansive Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Based in Seoul, we’re helping companies throughout APAC become better and smarter using our Remote Monitoring Solutions.

To match the growing demand in APAC countries for our 80+ Sensors, Monnit Korea works with a wide variety of businesses on solutions for virtually any application. The team there ensures our solutions meet specific industry and country standards and compliance regulations. Look to Monnit Korea to help you get the actionable data you need to make the right decisions and drive your business forward.

Learn more at Monnit.co.kr.

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Seasonal Monitoring Needs

seasonal monitoring needs

wireless water detection sensors

ALTA® Wireless Water Detection Sensors

Prevent water damage from making a mess of your facilities and bottom line by detecting leaks as they happen and preventing slips and falls.

wireless humidity sensor

ALTA® Wireless Humidity Sensors

Keep relative humidity (RH) at optimal levels everywhere you work, such as greenhouses, data centers, museums, factories, or barns.

wireless vibration sensor

ALTA® Wireless Vibration Meters

Place it on a sump pump's tubing to sense it running. It'll work with a Water Sensor to alert you if water reaches a certain level and the pump isn't on.

What's New

new soil moisture sensor

A Sensor To Put Your Watering Concerns At Ease

Optimize your smart agriculture and precision irrigation operations with the new ALTA® by Monnit Soil Moisture Sensor. It’s perfect for AgriTech remote monitoring applications. You’ll know how, when, and where to water your crops and plants in your fields, greenhouses, or commercial landscapes.

Our Soil Moisture Sensor will deliver actionable data about water conditions to your mobile device or computer virtually wherever you work. You’ll have the data you need to improve yields, conserve water, and bump up quality by reducing nutrient leaching and stress.

As a unique two-in-one sensor, it measures both soil moisture tension and temperature. The Soil Moisture Sensor has a resistive granular matrix element to provide consistent calibration for measuring soil moisture tension without recalibrating after every placement. And you can use the thermistor element readings to measure the moisture’s temperature compensation, so you won’t need to get new moisture readings when soil temperature changes.

Other key features of our Soil Moisture Sensor include:

  • Safe in both hot and freezing temperatures
  • Measure within a range of 0 to 240 centibar (cb) or kilopascal (kPa)
  • It won’t dissolve and has corrosion-resistant stainless steel electrodes
  • Internally compensated for commonly found salinity levels
  • Easy to install and use compared to traditional tensiometers

Learn more about how our new Soil Moisture Sensor can help you today.

April 2021 Web Special

April 2021 Web Special

What People are Saying

what people are saying Let’s Build It! That’s Monnit’s internally motivating motto this year.

Everyone here is committed to creating the industry’s best Remote Monitoring Solutions for your business.

Our success in this constant endeavor is your success as we work to help make you increasingly agile, productive, and competitive.

—Brad Walters, Founder and CEO

Looking to the Future

5G IoT solutions

Get Ready To Turbocharge The IoT With Our 5G Solutions

The expected increased network bandwidth, speed, and reliability of 5G offer enormous possibilities across many industries. Realizing 5G’s full potential requires a significant effort from the Internet of Things’ leaders to accelerate its adoption and enable companies to innovate using this new mobile network standard.

Monnit is ever vigilant and engaged in the most technically advanced developments for business. That’s why our Future Plan Team is on top of how the enterprise and industrial IoT marketplace will adapt to the strong momentum of 5G in remote monitoring. Stay tuned as we ask for feedback, provide preliminary beta products, and roll out our 5G Sensors and Gateways that will leverage on-edge data analytics for mission-critical IoT applications.

Application of the Month

Soak Up The Sun And The Actionable Data

Is your solar energy system running its best? Monnit can help your photovoltaic (PV) arrays operate at optimal efficiency with our Remote Monitoring Solutions for solar systems.

Our wireless sensing solutions can give you voltage, current, temperature, and tilt angle readings as your arrays and their panels work to follow the sun and collect its power throughout the day. A solar system monitoring solution will help you optimize sun tracking and efficiently generate electricity.

Around some remote solar farms or grid installations, flooding can potentially be an issue. Or nearby landscaping irrigation could leak. In those cases adding ALTA® Water Detection Sensors can instantly alert you of any water presence and pooling that could cause damage to your solar system. Make the most of your investment in solar with Monnit.

You can assess your solar system’s power delivery from source to load to achieve the desired functionality and performance using Monnit Sensors and Meters, including:

solar panel monitoring systems

ALTA® by Monnit Wireless 200 VDC Voltage Meters and 200 VDC Voltage Detection Sensors can monitor solar and battery voltage.

Remotely monitor solar system power consumption and evaluate its health with our ALTA® Wireless AC Current Meters.

An ALTA® Wireless Temperature Sensor can monitor the solar system’s power converter transistor temperature to help you predict maintenance.

Our ALTA® Wireless Tilt Sensors can help you collect solar tracker inclination and performance data in larger-scale utility or commercial installations with single and double-axis trackers.

Tech Tip

new day charts in iMonnit

Tech Tip: Set the Number of Days for iMonnit Charts

A new feature in iMonnit will let you select how many days you see in a chart or graph.

You can now define in user preferences how many days your chart will load by default.

So if you click and set one day, you’ll see one day’s worth of sensor data in your charts.

Go ahead and choose 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 15, 30, or 90 days to chart.

Custom Sensors

custom made sensors

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