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Monnit June 2021 newsletter


Monnit Ventures Into Intrinsically Safe Products with Initial IECEx Certifications

Recently, Monnit received certification of our first products for use in explosive atmospheres. The IECEx System is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.

Our 300 PSIG Pressure Meter, Temperature Sensor, and Dry Contact Sensor received IECEx certification.

With this momentum, Monnit is preparing for additional IECEx, plus Atmosphères Explosives (ATEX), and Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) certifications. Then, our products will be:

  • Certified as intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments
  • Incapable of causing a spark or reaching a temperature that could ignite an explosive atmosphere comprising a wide range of gases or dust
  • Used in many applications throughout the world where combustible gases or dust are sometimes or always present

Stay tuned for the official release of our suite of products for use in the need for remote monitoring in hazardous environments.

intrinsically safe sensors

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

pet welfare monitoring

compact humidity sensor

ALTA® Wireless Humidity Sensors

Sense humidity to maintain a high quality of life for animals in your care. Ensure animals stay safe by measuring humidity and temperature together.

wireless temperature sensor

ALTA® Wireless Temperature Sensors

Monitor temperatures from -40°F to 125°F (-40°C to 257°C) around the clock in vehicles, kennels, cages, and throughout animal care facilities.

industrial open/close sensor

ALTA® Wireless Open-Closed Sensors

Take a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of your canine partners and other animals by checking the open-closed status of doors and windows.

What's New

2FA in iMonnit

Two-Factor Authentication will Boost Account Security

Across industries, user IDs and passwords are increasingly under attack through data breaches, weak passwords, or poor user practices. A common best practice proven to improve security for anyone using any online service or application is to add another authentication method to account access.

A two-factor authentication (2FA) process will be used when accessing your iMonnit account—every 90 days per device—to provide this enhanced security. You’ll have three options to receive a code to complete the 2FA requirement.

In addition to the first factor—your email address with password—iMonnit will prompt you to authenticate your identity further with a second factor. You’ll be able to enter a code sent via email or text or use an authenticator app.

Here’s more information about how Monnit 2FA works:

  • Reminder: Any device you use to access iMonnit only requires 2FA once every 90 days.
  • Manage 2FA settings in the user profile section of iMonnit and select which 2FA option you prefer.
  • By default, iMonnit will send a code via email or text message based upon the notification or alert settings you set.
  • Or, use the authenticator app you already have or download an app to scan a QR code or type the app-generated code in iMonnit.
  • White-label customers will be able to opt out until required at the end of 2021.
  • Manage remembered devices for 2FA in your iMonnit profile.

June 2021 Web Special

web special June 2021

What People are Saying

what people are saying

“We ran a trial with Monnit Wireless Industrial Temperature Sensors and subsequently purchased enough for every switch room in the mill. The sensors are inexpensive, simple, and robust. The iMonnit Software made it easy to set alarms. The sensors send email alerts when a switch room’s ambient temperature exceeds a specified value, posing a danger to the electrical equipment inside. Several such events have happened since, and the immediate email alerts allowed us to remedy the issue before it became damaging to equipment quickly. Looking forward, we plan to use Monnit’s APIs to integrate the sensor data into a centralized data platform with the rest of the mill’s data points.”

—Kyle S., Project Engineer, Michigan

Looking to the Future

A New Partner Portal to Help Build Your Business

The Monnit IoTvantage™ Partner Program has a new self-service portal to support our partners’ success. We’re putting the finishing touches on the portal, so it provides a more personalized user experience for our esteemed partners.

The new IoTvantage portal will help system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) efficiently manage their accounts through a new, intuitive performance dashboard and platform. We want to help our partner solution providers grow their business with strong revenue streams by deploying turnkey IoT solutions and integrating our sensors into high-performing applications and platforms.

Here are some of the new portal features you can expect to streamline your experience with IoTvantage:

  • Seamless account management and quick access to orders, shipping/tracking, statements, gateway billing, and more
  • Fully mobile-responsive functionality for optimized management on devices of all sizes
  • Fast, at-a-glance navigation via clickable menu tiles to price lists, product catalogs, product documentation, support, and more
  • Easy, near real-time access to sales stats and solutions-based support with an expansive knowledgebase
  • Modernized e-commerce experience with an intuitive user interface and order process
IoTvantage partner program

Application of the Month

The IoT Helps Keep Guests Coming Back for More

In the hospitality industry—food services, travel and tourism, lodging, entertainment, and recreation—the customer experience is number one. That means to create an amazing experience, you need to stay ahead of anything that could disrupt high-quality service.

Everything from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and plumbing performance to room temperature and humidity conditions—can be monitored 24/7 with Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions.

With the Internet of Things (IoT), we can help you create smart, connected environments that can help improve guest comfort, energy efficiency, and staff productivity. Hotel and hospitality facilities managers can take the right actions to deliver the best experiences with alerts and data from Monnit on their mobile devices.

Here are some of the many Monnit Sensors that can help boost hospitality customer loyalty:

remote monitoring for hospitality and lodging operations

ALTA® Wireless Differential Air Pressure Sensors, Vibration Meters, Duct Temperature Sensors, and Air Quality Sensors can keep HVAC systems running right.

ALTA® Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors can monitor HVAC system performance, room climate conditions, and restaurant freezer temperatures.

ALTA® Wireless Water Detection Sensors—Water Rope, Water Detect Plus, and Water Puck—can detect water leaks throughout plumbing systems.

Tech Tip

how soil moisture sensors work
soil moisture sensor

This is the first tip in a four-part series designed to help you make the most of your experience with our Soil Moisture Sensor.

Part 1
The ALTA® Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor measures soil water tension rather than water volume. What’s the difference, and why is measuring soil water tension more important and more valuable?

Read this short article to find out.

Go beyond technical details to better understand how the sensor tells you how much, when, and where to water.

Attention Partners

IoT partner program

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