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The ALTA® by Monnit Soil Moisture Sensor Honored for
Smart Irrigation and Water Conservation Capabilities

SALT LAKE CITY – June 7, 2021 – Monnit announced today that its ALTA® Soil Moisture Sensor received a 2021 IoT Innovations Award from Connected World magazine. The IoT Innovations Awards honors the most transformative products, solutions, and platforms to hit the market that help solve a challenge through the Internet of Things (IoT) and influence how we work, live, and play.

“It’s so validating to receive this recognition of our ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor from the panel of industry experts at Connected World,” said Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit. “The IoT Innovations Award signifies our dedication to creating connected technologies to quickly and easily solve our customer pain points. The sensor is meticulously engineered to be an enabling solution to water conservation in smart agriculture operations.”

ALTA soil moisture sensor

Measuring up to Conservation Concerns Using the IoT
Overwatering and underwatering can be a constant concern of farmers, commercial growers, and greenhouse managers as they work to balance water conservation with healthy crops. Water monitoring using data from the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor can help quench water-saving worries and optimize precision irrigation scheduling. By connecting soil water to the IoT, the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor triggers irrigation water's effective and efficient use. This is how the sensor can help stimulate the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of growing operations.

“We recognize we are facing a real water shortage, but by leveraging data, the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor helps conserve water through the efficient use of irrigation,” said Peggy Smedley, Editorial Director of Connected World.

A Two-in-One Sensor for Many Applications
The ALTA Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor sends data to your mobile device and computer, so you know how much, when, and where to water your crops or commercial landscaping. If water or temperature conditions deviate from preset parameters, you also get alerts on your mobile device via text, email, or call.

The sensor measures soil water tension (0 to 240 centibar (cb) or kilopascal (kPa)) and temperature (-40°C to 125°C/-40°F to 257°F) using a resistive granular matrix element and a thermistor-based temperature element. The sensor’s moisture element is unique because it works similarly to a plant’s root by measuring water tension in its hydrophilic fabric-covered matrix material rather than the surrounding soil. There’s a science to measuring soil water tension, and both elements give you the data to help you make the right watering decisions.

By combining these agritech elements into one device, the ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor can help increase yield, mitigate water stress and nutrient leaching, and improve water conservation across your growing operations. The sensor is ideal for putting IoT to work in agriculture, commercial landscaping, greenhouses, agronomy research, golf courses, sports turf, construction, mining, forestry, environmental monitoring, and more.

Monnit has also won IoT Innovations Awards for its ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway, ALTA Temperature Monitoring Solutions, ALTA Enterprise IoT Solutions, and its IoTvantage™ partner program. For an in-depth article featuring insight on this year’s winners, visit To find out how the Monnit Soil Moisture Sensor can help your operations, see

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