See the New Look and Feel of iMonnit

iMonnit UX upgrades

Some recent enhancements in iMonnit you’ll notice right away. Other changes are more subtle. But before you look any further for each new improvement to iMonnit—our cloud-based sensor management and monitoring software—let us share a bit of what you can expect to see and use. We went behind the scenes of iMonnit with our Software Development Team.

“We’re excited to show our customers and have them experience the platform’s more responsive look and feel,” said Brandon Young, Monnit Data Architect of IoT Software Solutions. “Every page or screen is updated to eliminate irregularities, simplify navigation, boost consistency, and promote mobile usability.”

Under iMonnit’s hood, he says, his team swapped out several libraries for visual layout and responsiveness with newer versions. These new user interface (UI) libraries helped the team fine-tune many UI elements to create cleaner, more intuitive feature interaction.

Monnit Software Developer Coby Yates led the team’s efforts and drove the latest improvements to iMonnit. “Our software team made changes to more than 2,500 separate files,” Yates says. “The platform is now even easier to use, but we’ll continue to ensure iMonnit meets the evolving mobile and desktop needs of our customers. So keep an eye on iMonnit for even more updates in the coming months.”

Young says he’s most excited about the enhanced design and functional elements that many people may not even notice. “These are the things that we’ve streamlined or corrected. They’re now how they should be. When things are how they should be, often we don’t notice them. But they’re highly valuable features to the overall experience of the software.”

Here are some of the changes you may notice the next time you log into iMonnit.

All buttons are bigger and styled the same.
adding sensors
All inputs and dropdowns are the same size and style throughout the portal.
The colors of the buttons, icons, and navigation is more consistent.
button colors
Each page will have a similar layout for similar elements.
new layout
All elements on each page are aligned horizontally and vertically.
Icons are slightly bigger and the same throughout the portal.
Tables are structured with the same layout and features (depending on the data provided).
structured tables
Menus are updated to the same size and style throughout the portal.
new menus
Better User Feedback
Some buttons now show that the site is loading, eliminating wonder whether a click was registered.
Updated UI
The look and feel, although very subtle, should have fewer distractions for you.
updated UI
Better Responsiveness
All pages have better flow and more spacing for smaller, mobile-first screens. Button sizes are also more mobile-friendly.
mobile friendly

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