Monnit: Inside the IoT - September 2021

Monnit: Inside the IoT - September 2021

Internet of Things Intersection

Where Best Practices and ROI Connect

IoT best practices

There may always be an initial expense and inherent IT and security concerns when transitioning to the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. But the potential impact of those challenges can be anywhere from short-lived to non-existent—with an ROI that grows exponentially—as you invest in IoT best practices.

Here’s an article from a member of the Forbes Technology Council that provides a few essentials as you implement the IoT into your business.

Increase Revenue and Decrease Risk: Three Ways Companies Can Maximize Their IoT Investments

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been one of the most significant changes to the landscape of business — but it wasn’t always about industry-related issues. The first connected device (that we know of) was simply a solution for a thirsty college student: in the early 1980s, a Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon was updated by students there in an effort to make their soda excursions more efficient.

Rather than making the long walk from their lab to the machine, only to find it was empty or the sodas were warm, the students created a system that monitored the stock. They could simply connect to the ARPANET from their computer, check whether any cold bottles of Coke were available and only make the trip if they were guaranteed such a reward.

Necessity really is the mother of all invention.

Since that first fateful soda machine, the Internet of Things has grown at a remarkable rate as small, internet-connected devices became both affordable and ubiquitous. ... As the world of IoT continues to expand, it’s essential that we as business leaders are prepared to face the challenges that come with it.

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Vertical Market Focus

The IoT Enhances Your Guest Experience

IoT for hospitality

In the hotel and hospitality industry, orchestrating the ideal customer experience requires insight into the status of virtually everything in your business. The IoT technologies you put to work behind the scenes can deliver the data you depend on to boost guest satisfaction.

Remotely monitoring heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system performance is just one way the IoT can help you enhance your guests’ experience. What’s more, the IoT can help you improve energy use, predict maintenance, and enjoy cost savings.

See how a luxury hotel and resort chain optimized its HVAC systems across its properties by putting preventive measures in place to create a better guest experience.

IoT Insights

What People Are Saying About the IoT

IoT in healthcare

A primary objective of health care and IoT solutions is to produce data that can improve outcomes. When seamlessly integrated into pharmaceutical production and distribution, hospitals and clinics, and in-home care services, IoT sensors can help medical professionals stay proactively connected with the people and products in their care. Take a moment to read this informative article about how the IoT is essential to today’s health care delivery.

Three Ways IoT is Empowering the Modern Health Care Industry Today

Today’s health care systems are nothing like their predecessors of even a decade ago, and their growth is due, in large part, to the rapid evolution of technology. In recent years, e-health—the digital services that make it possible to improve the well-being of individuals, whether to prevent, diagnose or treat illnesses—has grown exponentially, with estimates that it will reach $234.5 billion by 2023.

In order for e-health devices to demonstrate their full value, health care networks need to have the proper infrastructure in place to support the equipment’s operation. Of the many innovations released in recent years, a number of them are linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the interconnection of objects (physical or virtual) through a communication system (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 0G low-power networks, etc.). Through the IoT, devices can send critical updates regarding patient or equipment conditions to health care providers, empowering them to respond quickly and thoughtfully.

Tech Tip

wireless temperature sensor

How to Calibrate Wireless Temperature Sensors

Temperatures can typically fluctuate based on different factors, so it’s important to calibrate ALTA Temperature Sensors.

Even though our Temperature Sensors are highly accurate to +/- 1°C (1.8°F), they can be more accurate after calibrating them in an environment with a stable temperature.

Before you calibrate the sensors, there are a few other things to consider.

Please read our short how-to article for guidance to achieve successful calibration.

IoT Software News

Go Behind the IoT Scenes of iMonnit’s Enhancements

iMonnit new look

Our IoT sensor management and monitoring software—iMonnit—has a new look and feel, thanks to Monnit’s Software Development Team. The technical details of the programming and user interface (UI) work the team accomplished is significant.

The evidence is in the updated design and functionality on every page or screen of the platform. Hear what the iMonnit team had to say about it and what you can expect to see and use.

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