Monnit: Inside the IoT - October 2021

Inside the IoT - October 2021

IoT Cellular Network News

goodbye to 3G

Upgrade IoT Devices Before the AT&T 3G Network Sunset

On February 22, 2022, AT&T will shut down its 3G network. Many of its customers will be without service if they don’t upgrade their devices—including Internet of Things (IoT) devices with a 3G data plan.

The cellular network service provider is shifting more and more of its focus to its 5G network, as most devices now run on either 4G or 5G. AT&T is notifying customers that they must upgrade to at least a 4G LTE-enabled device before the sun sets on its 3G network.

The end of 3G is coming for every cellular device customer—no matter the carrier. So now’s a good time to look at the connected devices your business owns and plan your path to more advanced cellular networks.

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Internet of Things Intersection

industrial use cases

Where IoT Use Cases and Innovation Connect

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) proves its agility and effectiveness in numerous verticals from manufacturing to logistics to utilities. Industrial use cases will continue to expand for companies as they digitally transform to reap the exponential ROI only the IIoT can deliver.

That said, here’s an article highlighting some of today’s most popular IIoT use cases.

Top 5 Industrial IoT Use Cases

As more organizations embrace IIoT, the technology will lead to more innovation and further improvements in use cases such as predictive maintenance and workplace analytics.

Organizations that look to capitalize on the latest technologies have adopted industrial IoT quickly, leading to the technology’s rapid growth.

Even though IIoT is still relatively new and carries some challenges, the technology can bring competitive advantages to those who implement it successfully. The top industrial IoT use cases highlight just how valuable these technologies can be.

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Vertical Market Focus

IIoT monitoring

Connected Things Keep Manufacturing Humming

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to transform manufacturing. With a network of sensors and meters to instantly collect critical production data, you can turn this data into valuable, actionable insights to boost your manufacturing operations.

This will help you increase uptime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)—critical drivers of the manufacturing industry’s success and, ultimately, our economy. The ability to predict machine performance and schedule maintenance using IoT sensors and cloud-based software can keep factories running strong and seamlessly.

See how a manufacturer boosted line productivity, optimized predictive maintenance, and reduced machine downtime.

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IoT Insights

food service monitoring

What People Are Saying About the IoT

Undoubtedly, the Internet of Things continues to transform the spectrum of industries—food services among them. When combined with artificial intelligence (AI), it significantly enhances the potential benefits IoT solutions bring to restaurateurs. There are best practices experts recommend employing before implementing IoT and AI solutions, and answering critical questions is one of them. For example:

  • How can we utilize this system to identify and reduce deviations in my Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system?
  • How can we monitor and continually improve customer and employee comfort levels in the dining room and kitchen area?
  • How can this system bring in predictability in restaurant operations, especially on equipment availability?
  • What is the return on investment (ROI)?

See the other eight essential questions restaurant operators should be asking about IoT and AI solutions in the following article.

How to Implement IoT and AI-Driven Solutions for Your Restaurant

Due to the steady increase in Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases, coupled with the declining cost of sensors, restaurant operators globally are adopting technology that digitizes restaurant operations, creates greater operational efficiencies, and effectuates business decisions based on advanced data analytics.

The vast selection of IoT-based solutions can be confusing for restaurant operators who wish to choose the best fit for their portfolio. Therefore, it is essential that senior leaders carefully evaluate and adopt technologies that deliver excellent business benefits.

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