Monnit News Briefs - November 2021

News Briefs - November 2021

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4G IoT gateways

Get Ready for the AT&T 3G Sunset

AT&T continues to focus resources on building its 5G network and optimizing its 4G network. So by February 22, 2022, the cellular provider is sunsetting its 3G network.

This means it’s time to move to an ALTA® by Monnit 4G LTE Cellular Gateway. We’ll help you upgrade before AT&T turns off its 3G network.

After AT&T’s 3G network shuts down, if you’re an ALTA 3G Cellular Gateway customer, you’ll no longer be able to get valuable data from your ALTA Sensor network.* The Monnit Sales Team is ready to help you roll over your 3G data plans and upgrade to our ALTA 4G LTE Cellular Gateway.

Get on the path to AT&T’s 4G cellular network. Please call and talk to a Monnit Sales Representative today at 801.561.5555 or email the sales team at

*Applies only to 3G gateways in the United States. 3G gateways deployed internationally are not affected

navigate the IoT

Navigate the Ins and Outs of the Internet of Things

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues, and it’s no surprise to us considering the origins of IoT growth began with Monnit. We’ve been building embedded systems and IoT technologies for the better part of two decades.

So what does that mean for you—our valued customers?

As your go-to IoT-expert resource, you can count on us as we manage the complexities of the IoT supply chain. There’s exponential reactive, predictive, and transformative value for your business from an IoT network of Monnit Sensors. We want to help you reap the ROI you want for your business.

We’re happy to consult with you about the best ways to navigate the ever-evolving IoT landscape. Please remember our open invitation to plan and consult with us about your current and future use of Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions.

Based upon current worldwide business conditions, we recommend you:

  • Contact your Monnit Sales Representative and share a four to six-month forecast for adding Monnit Sensors and Gateways to your IoT network.
  • Let us help you develop an IoT roadmap and continually find ways to optimize processes and transform your business.
  • Look to Monnit as an extension of your IoT/IT/OT teams with the knowledge and experience to help you deliver on the unique advantages of IoT deployment.
  • Consult with us to identify every potential IoT use case for your business. We’re skillful IoT strategy developers and can help you build a framework for your IoT future.

With the rapid changes happening in business and IoT technology, please consider us your IoT partner. Don’t delay. Call us today at 801.561.5555 or email the sales team at

IECEx sensors

Coming This Month: IECEx U.S. Certified Sensors

Our first ALTA® Sensors for use in explosive atmospheres will be available later in November. We received U.S IECEx certification earlier this year for our ALTA 300 PSIG Pressure Meter, Temperature Sensor, and Dry Contact Sensor.

The IECEx System is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.

With this momentum, Monnit is preparing for additional IECEx, plus Atmosphères Explosives (ATEX), and Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) certifications. Then, our products will be:

  • Certified as intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments
  • Incapable of causing a spark or reaching a temperature that could ignite an explosive atmosphere comprising a wide range of gases or dust
  • Used in many applications throughout the world where combustible gases or dust are sometimes or always present

Stay tuned for the official release of our suite of products for use in the need for remote monitoring in hazardous environments.

Tech Tip

setting up Wi-Fi sensors

Set Up and Use Wi-Fi Sensors

Monnit MoWi™ Sensors can give you more agility in some use cases because they connect directly to your local Wi-Fi network.

They’re easy to set up and program in iMonnit with our MoWi Setup Utility and Programming Cable. In minutes, you can get a MoWi Sensor up and running and sending you valuable data.

Learn how to set up MoWi Sensors in iMonnit through this short how-to article from the Monnit Knowledgebase.

See how to do it.

Partner With Monnit

IoT partnerships

Partner Up to Mine the IoT for Leads

Are you sitting on a gold mine? Let’s work together and make a final push through this last quarter and into the new year.

We can help you dig into the exponential value of the Internet of Things with our IoTvantage™ partner program.

Learn more at


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