Monnit Offers the ALTA® Site Survey Tool to Help Optimize IoT Network Performance

site survey tool for IoT sensors

The New Device Measures TRUESIGNAL™ to Change the Signal Strength Conversation

SALT LAKE CITY (October 19, 2022) – Today, Monnit launches its new ALTA® Site Survey Tool to help you know precisely where to install ALTA Wireless Sensors and achieve optimal data communication performance. The handheld ALTA Site Survey Tool measures the TRUESIGNAL™ by assessing the wireless signal strength and background interference wherever you consider placing ALTA Sensors within your Internet of Things (IoT) network.

“We’re not just testing wireless signal strength with our ALTA Site Survey Tool,” says Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. “Our new tool will tell you the signal reliability and quality too. You’ll know the TRUESIGNAL. You can know if interference from other wireless devices or equipment affects the signal. We want you to find the best locations for your Monnit Wireless Sensors using our ALTA Site Survey Tool.”

Before you install your sensors, you use the Site Survey Tool to perform a quick signal test. The tool’s LCD reports the average TRUESIGNAL percentage for the area you’re assessing along with Pass, Poor, or Fail based on your preferred signal reliability setting.

You can choose a signal reliability setting—Mission-Critical, Strong, or Functional—in the cloud-based iMonnit IoT Monitoring and Sensor Management Software. The tool uses this setting to calculate the TRUESIGNAL according to your environment, background interference, use case, and how frequently and reliably your sensors need to send data.

With the ALTA Site Survey Tool, you can:

  • Plan and design your IoT network.
  • Predict the signal reliability of possible sensor locations.
  • Match data communication needs more precisely to your IoT use case.
  • Optimize your IoT network by fine-tuning sensor placement.

The secure, long-range ALTA data communications platform with interference immunity delivers sensor data to gateways more than 1,200 feet away (non-line-of-sight) through 12+ walls. Using the ALTA Site Survey Tool, you get the precise TRUESIGNAL reliability you can count on for sensors installed at your specific testing locations.

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