New Magnetic Power and Utility Switches for the ALTA Industrial IoT Gateway

new magnet switches on the Industrial IoT Gateway

Easily Manage the Device’s Power and Operation With a Magnet

A couple of new functional design revisions are available with the ALTA® Industrial IoT Gateway. We’ve replaced the magnetic power interrupt switch with a full-featured magnetic on/off power switch.

Previously, when a magnet was present, a user could only interrupt the power of the Industrial IoT Gateway. This meant the battery was on during shipping and storage. Now, users can turn the gateway on and off by touching a magnet to the contact label (located on the left side of the gateway).

In addition, the internal utility button functionality is now an easily accessible and externally operated magnetic utility switch. Users no longer have to remove the screws holding the enclosure together.

IoT gateway with new magnetic switches

Customers will receive one of the two magnets pictured above to interact with the new switches.

Learn more about the ALTA Industrial IoT Gateway. You can also learn how to use the magnetic switches in this Monnit Knowledgebase article.

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