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Rethink Signal Strength

ALTA Site Survey Tool

You can install a Monnit ALTA Wireless Sensor nearly anywhere. However, that doesn’t mean the radio frequency (RF) signal strength will be the best for your Internet of Things (IoT) application anywhere you place your sensors. Plus, you may not need the strongest signal after all. You possess more valuable data when you know the signal reliability of your sensors’ current or proposed location.

That’s right. Signal strength is only part of the wireless data communication reliability equation.

Your unique IoT use case has data communication variables that affect sensor RF signal reliability, like nearby mechanical, electrical, and wireless interference, the monitoring environment, and how often you need sensors to send IoT data.

Our new ALTA Site Survey Tool assesses these variables and tells you the best places to install ALTA Sensors. As you plan the deployment or seek to optimize your ALTA Sensor network in environments with expansive open spaces, extensive concrete, or numerous obstructions, the ALTA Site Survey Tool can predict the TRUESIGNAL™ of your ALTA Sensors.

The device is available for rent or purchase.

Tech News

New Magnetic Gateway Switches

IoT Gateway with new magnetic switches

The ALTA® Industrial IoT Gateway now has a full-featured magnetic power on/off switch that replaces the magnetic power cut-off switch. You can turn the Industrial IoT Gateway on and off by touching a magnetic tool that ships with the gateway to the left side contact label.

The magnet tool can also operate the new, easily accessible external magnetic utility button on the gateway’s right side. These new switches eliminate the need to open the gateway’s housing for service, which voids the warranty.

Tech Tip

New Training Video—How to Use iMonnit

how to use iMonnit training video

We recently launched a new overview video about how to use the features of our cloud-based software—iMonnit Premiere. Whether you’re a new or long-time user of iMonnit, it’s a good time to review the entire video or watch a chapter or two to stay up to date on your remote monitoring skills.

In the video description, you’ll see timestamps so you can jump to a specific section that will give you a short refresher course. We’ll update the video as iMonnit continues to evolve and we introduce new management and monitoring settings and features.

We also recommend that you take advantage of our related iMonnit videos and Monnit Knowledgebase articles as you have questions and look to get the most out of your Monnit Sensors.

IoT Consultations

free IoT consultation

IoT Webinars

A New Webinar is Coming Soon

Do you want to know how Monnit can help you connect your greenhouses and grow houses to the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Our IoT experts will soon host a webinar to share how you can get data insights into your growing conditions and facility and equipment operations with Monnit IoT Solutions.

In the meantime, check out our IoT greenhouse use cases.

Register for one of our webinars at

webinars about greenhouses and grow houses

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