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Where the Supply Chain and IoT Technologies Meet

how IoT helps supply chain management

The ongoing problems in the global supply chain fluctuate between crisis and blip. However significant, the issues impact operations and illuminate the concerns of manufacturers, logistics management teams, and suppliers. Technological advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) are among the solutions relieving some of the stress in nearly every industry.

Analytics from IoT device data offers better visibility into the supply chain’s critical areas—condition, location, inventory—and can help improve flexibility when various issues threaten the flow. Historical and trending data help forward-thinking managers plan and pivot to boost supply chain resilience and efficiency.

Read on as James Baker, a supply chain planning consultant, shares how the IoT can provide real-time insights into the performance of the entire supply chain and logistics operations.

How IoT Can Transform Supply Chain Management

Tech businesses understand that integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) and the supply chain offers a smooth operation between many processes. Today, using IoT in supply chain management is a growing trend.

IoT is a network of physical devices equipped with sensors, software, and other tools to exchange data. Apart from sending and receiving information, the devices can monitor and report on the data. So, if data is transferred or exchanged between two devices without any human interaction, it’s using IoT.

IoT devices are usually connected to computer systems through data or Wi-Fi networks. They use global positioning systems (GPS) and other technologies to track and authenticate products and shipments effectively.

How does the system benefit an electronics company? The key benefits of IoT are:

Vertical Market Focus

IoT Data is an Indispensable Support to Financial Services

financial services monitoring use case

Data reigns supreme in the financial services industry. Real-time, data-based decisions keep financial services firms running worldwide. Data must flow rapidly from the point of sale to data centers and server rooms to computers and smartphones connected to the cloud. The Internet of Things (IoT) has helped the fintech industry automate core processes to collect and share data internally while boosting security and streamlining payment processing.

The IoT also gives IT and facility managers at financial services firms the immediate ability to optimize facility operations and indoor climate conditions in the cloud on their smartphones or PCs.

From federal banks to small hometown credit unions, an IoT network of sensors can help these financial institutions leverage data to manage and predict IT and facility issues. For example, wireless sensors in server rooms can ensure optimal performance of critical IT equipment to maximize uptime. Remote temperature, humidity, water leak detection, motion, and power monitoring are all essential in today’s dynamic financial services organizations.

Learn how IT managers at financial services firms remotely monitor various climate conditions, HVAC systems, server rooms, and facility operations with an IoT network. They do it with real-time data points from fast-install IoT sensors and meters.

IoT Insights

What the NFL is Doing with the IoT

IoT and the NFL

Player training, health, and safety enhancements, interactive fan experiences, and boosted stadium security are the end-games driving the National Football League (NFL) to collect data from the IoT. Data from various conditions, machines, and devices is the NFL’s goal as the multi-billion dollar organization uses IoT innovations to understand and improve operations while keeping players safer and making the game more exciting.

The NFL has always used data and statistics to transform the professional sport. Since 2002, the NFL has made more than 50 rule changes to eliminate potentially dangerous tackles and reduce the risk of injury. Today, sensors are placed throughout facilities and on players and equipment to collect data which is constantly analyzed to fuel the NFL’s IoT ambitions.

Read the beginning of Scarlett Evan’s article about IoT in the NFL or click a link to the full article on below.

Six Ways IoT is Transforming the NFL

From wearables to robots, 5G to sensor technologies, the NFL is embracing Internet of Things technologies.

Technological advances are changing the face of every industry, and the world of sports is no different, with digital tools bringing novel ways of watching and playing games. IoT devices have been included in the National Football League since 2019, and their influence and applications are growing each year.

From helmet sensors to protect players from concussions to augmented reality (AR) filters to give viewers a more immersive experience, here are some of the IoT technologies set to take center stage in this year’s NFL season.

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