GEN1 3G Cellular Gateway End-of-Life

Monnit Bulletin: 3G end of life

Dear Customer:

If you have a 3G cellular gateway as part of your Monnit Generation 1 (GEN1) sensing solution, you need to upgrade in the next few days. As you may already know from previous newsletters we’ve sent, AT&T is shutting down its 3G cellular service on Feb. 22, 2022. Unless you upgrade today, this will leave your business without cellular service for your sensing network.

We have two options for you to consider.

  • Upgrade your GEN1 Sensors and 3G Gateway to Monnit’s ALTA Sensors and LTE Gateway and receive a 50% discount on your order. (LTE Gateways are not available for GEN1 Sensors.)
  • Purchase a GEN1 Ethernet Gateway to replace your GEN1 3G Cellular Gateway. (If Ethernet connectivity is not available where the GEN1 3G Gateway is deployed, then you will need to proceed with the first option.)
how to identify Gen1 sensors

This is a limited-time offer and is available until Mar. 31, 2022. Reminder: Monnit 3G Gateways on AT&T will no longer operate after Feb. 22nd, 2022.

To move forward, please contact your sales representative at 801-561-5555 and ask for them by name, or send an email to, and your request will be routed to a salesperson who will reach out to you.

We appreciate your business and quick attention to this matter.


Monnit Corporation

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