Monnit: Inside the IoT - February 2022

Monnit: Inside the IoT - February 2022

Internet of Things Intersection

IoT roundtable discussion

Where the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 Meet

Do you want an inside view of the smart sensors market through the eyes of four industry experts?

You got it in the latest edition of Tech Briefs magazine. The editors sat down for a roundtable discussion with Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters and three other Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) leaders. These four smart sensor experts each answered four questions.

To the last question: In what industries do you expect to see the greatest demand for sensor technology in the next five years? Walters declares, “Industries that effectively integrate smart sensors will help propel the IIoT evolution into the next industrial revolution.”

That forward-looking statement supports his industry-defining Walters’ Law of the IoT that promotes the reactive, predictive, and transformative value you can achieve for the ways you put IoT technologies to work.

Read on to find out what else he and the other experts want you to know about the revolutionary impact of smart sensors.

Executive Roundtable: Sensing and IIoT

The manufacturing industries are undergoing a digital transformation worldwide, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is speeding up the adoption of Industry 4.0. This shift to digital is fueling advances in smart sensors that not only capture sensing data, but also interpret that data into actionable insights for a variety of applications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space.

The smart sensors market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19 percent over the forecast period (2021-2026), according to Market Research Future. What’s driving the escalating demand for smart sensors and which industries will expect to see the greatest demand for sensor technology in the coming years? Tech Briefs posed questions to four industry experts to garner their views on the future outlook for smart sensors and IIoT.

Share Your Case Study

share your case study

How Do You Monnit?

Monnit invites our partners and customers to share their unique applications or case studies with us about how they’re using Monnit Sensors. We all know that Monnit’s ALTA® Temperature Sensors can monitor refrigerator and freezer temps—that’s pretty standard stuff. But how are you deploying a Monnit Temperature Sensor that you think is unique to what you do?

If your submission is accepted, our marketing team will reach out to you to profile the application in greater detail. We’ll send you a Monnit hat and T-shirt for participating in this effort, and your case study or generic use case will be featured on and social media channels.

To start, click here and fill out this short “How We Monnit” form with a brief description of your unique application of Monnit Sensors. Good luck! Thank you in advance for participating.

Vertical Market Focus

IoT monitoring for apartments

Put Preventive Property Maintenance Practices in Place with the IoT

Commercial real estate and multifamily housing are experiencing significant growth and high competition in many markets. As realtors, landlords, and property managers handle bidding wars from potential tenants for nearly every space from offices to apartments, quality property management services remain at the forefront for retaining residents.

Plus, how buildings function can be as important as how they look inside and out, putting facility and property management staff in the spotlight. Whether onsite or not, remote monitoring using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can keep you focused on essential functions such as plumbing and HVAC performance 24/7.

Learn how a property management company optimized its apartment complex smart monitoring with preventive measures to reduce energy, operational, and capital expenses.

IoT Insights

remote monitoring anywhere

What People Are Saying About the IoT

What does a former Navy nuclear technician want you to know about remote monitoring?

Joey Stubbs dives into his perspectives on the value of remote monitoring and diagnostics. He also explores his ideas of how remote is remote. Read the beginning of his article or click a link to the full article below to read about remote monitoring use cases, benefits, and managing connectivity and security concerns.

Remote Monitoring is Anywhere You Want to Be

Connectivity allows reporting and diagnostics from as close or far as necessary.

Not all that long ago, typical machine diagnostics were limited to local indicators such as HMI popups, stack lights, and annoying sonalert alarms. These were intended more for the operator to keep the machine running than for any other audience. The event that caused the indicator may or may not have even been logged in the control software for review later, much less communicated to engineering, maintenance, or operations.

The only real way to see what was happening in real-time in the system was to connect it to a development tool or laptop. It wasn’t because the events were unimportant, but because the ability to communicate the information easily and effectively from the control system to the outside world did not exist, or because those tools were difficult or expensive to implement.

Fast forward to the present time, and oh how things have changed.

IoT Cellular Network News

3G shutdown

Close the Door on 3G. Welcome to LTE for IoT

It’s almost time for AT&T to turn off its 3G network on February 22, 2022. You can’t run your IoT sensor network on an ALTA 3G Gateway after that date.*

AT&T is shifting more resources to its 5G network like other carriers. The carrier continues to notify customers that they must upgrade to at least a 4G LTE-enabled device before its 3G network shuts down.

See “The Countdown to the End of 3G Continues” to know which ALTA 4G LTE Cellular Gateway is right for you.

Connect to a 4G LTE cellular network with our ALTA 4G LTE Gateway. Please call and talk to a Monnit Sales Representative today at 801.561.5555 or email the sales team at

Learn more from AT&T

*Applies only to ALTA 3G Cellular Gateways in the United States. 3G gateways deployed internationally are not affected.

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