Monnit Encourages You to Be a Know-It-All Everywhere You Go

be a know-it-all

Go Ahead and Be a Know-It-All

Monnit recently launched a new campaign to invite people in virtually any industry to be a Monnit Know-It-All. The unusual invitation is based on the fact that you're one of the most influential people when you know things—especially the things that threaten your business.

Of course, the best way to know these things is to connect critical assets and operations to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Features of the Know-It-All Campaign

The campaign includes a 30-second radio ad and video, web page, and social posts inviting business people to Be a Know-It-All.

be a know-it-all

Inside the Ad

The short ad and video only share three important things you can know from Monnit Sensors connected to critical assets. The ad says you will know when:

  • A cooler or freezer is failing.
  • Water finds its way into your building.
  • Or even when critical equipment loses power.

Know-It-Alls Know More

However, we can easily add to that list of things you will know, like when:

Most Monnit customers all over the world are already the best Know-It-Alls for their companies. These are people you can depend on to share sensor data—sometimes at a moment’s notice and when it matters most.

Much Smarter Than Your Average Know-It-All

We all know a regular know-it-all. They’re family, coworkers, friends, or possibly a foe. They’re everywhere. No matter where you go—they’re frequently there too.

They can even be annoying.

But forget what you know about these know-it-alls. Historically, they’re known as smart alecks, wise guys, smarty-pants, wisenheimers, or something else we can’t name here.

Don’t be that brand of know-it-all. Know about things that really matter to your business. Then, you can confidently share this knowledge with those who want and need to be in the know too.

Be a Monnit Know-It-All.

Learn more about Monnit IoT Products and how Monnit works.

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