Monnit: Inside the IoT May 2022

Monnit: Inside the IoT - May 2022

Internet of Things Intersection

Where IoT Implementation and Success Meet

IoT sensor implementation

Even if you’re an Internet of Things (IoT) expert, refreshing your knowledge can bring new insights to your work. That’s why we invite you to review what’s deemed the “ultimate IoT implementation guide for business” from our friends at TechTarget.

In this guide to the IoT, you’ll be reminded about:

  • What are the key concepts about the value of IoT data?
  • How does the IoT work, and what are the things, connections, and layers of architecture?
  • What are the real-world IoT use cases or applications?
  • What are the business benefits of the IoT?
  • What are the risks and challenges of implementing the IoT?
  • What to consider about IoT security and compliance?
  • What are IoT services and business models?
  • What are the requirements for implementing the IoT?
  • What are the steps for implementation?
  • What is the future of the IoT?

Read on to find out what Stephen J. Bigelow, senior technology editor at TechTarget, says are the best practices for putting the IoT to work in your organization.

Ultimate IoT Implementation Guide for Businesses

IoT can offer many benefits to the enterprise, but it can be a challenge to implement. Learn the requirements and use best practices for a successful deployment.

The Internet of Things provides organizations with real-time information and business insights that, when acted upon, can ultimately make them more efficient. IT administrators, architects, developers, and CIOs considering an Internet of Things deployment must have a thorough understanding of what the Internet of Things is, how it operates, its uses, requirements, tradeoffs, and how to implement Internet of Things devices and infrastructures.

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Vertical Market Focus

Maintain Property Value with the IoT

using sensors to monitor foreclosed properties

Foreclosed and vacant properties can be the most challenging properties to manage. The stress can be compounded with the renovation of distressed investments and surprise maintenance tasks. But if you catch water leaks, trespassing, or failing systems fast enough, you can prevent significant damage and expense. An IoT smart sensor-based property management system can help you remotely monitor homes and commercial and industrial facilities 24/7.

Vacant or not, well-maintained property is an asset that can appreciate over time. Banks and owners want to make sure that their properties are well-managed to be perceived more positively as the properties are added to the sales market. Whether you’re in the office or at the property, remote monitoring using IoT technologies can help you save time and money.

Learn how foreclosed property managers and real estate agents got more for their listings by avoiding water leak damage, maintaining HVAC systems, and detecting break-ins. They did it with real-time data from a wide variety of fast-install IoT sensors and meters.

Get the foreclosed property use case.

IoT Insights

What People Are Doing with the IoT

pictures of customers using Monnit sensors

Monnit customers monitor nearly everything with their IoT networks. Some recently sent photos with brief descriptions of how they use IoT devices to get valuable, actionable data from machines, equipment, and conditions. Here are two excellent case study examples about IoT temperature monitoring.

Chilean Walmart Meat Refrigeration Stays Optimized

Carlos Alcega, the commercial director of Services Camco in Santiago, Chile, installed Monnit ALTA Temperature Sensors in Walmart meat refrigeration units. Alcega helped store management evaluate the performance of the reach-in refrigerators and determine if they were distributing the ideal cooling required evenly throughout each unit.

The IoT sensors were placed in different sections and levels of the refrigerators, and they quickly reported that temperatures weren’t consistent, frequently reading outside of the required threshold.

Results: Due to the temperature data the meat department managers collect for every area of the coolers, they developed a plan to ensure the best stocking, storage, and display practices. The managers are also able to predict refrigerator maintenance and properly reposition stock.

Food Safety is Paramount for Senior Nutrition Programs

Kevin Fonck, the general and fleet manager of TRIO Community Meals in Bridgeport, Connecticut, uses ALTA Temperature Sensors to monitor commercial walk-in refrigerators. TRIO provides senior nutrition programs and fresh, chilled, and frozen meals for special events and home delivery.

The community food services organization must meet all local, state, and national food safety regulatory and data logging requirements, so the IoT temperature sensors help ensure that they do it 24/7.

Results: The sensors haven’t missed a reading since they were installed three years ago. As people go in and out of the coolers multiple times a day, the sensors consistently report, so managers know if temperatures are ideal and the refrigeration is performing well.

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