Monnit News Briefs - June 2022

News briefs June 2022

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ALTA Wireless Sensor Adapter Connects Custom IoT Networks

new wireless sensor adapter

If you have a standalone, mobile, or temporary Internet of Things (IoT) network with Monnit ALTA Wireless Sensors, the ALTA Wireless Sensor Adapter is an ideal gateway for communicating sensor data to management and monitoring systems, including and iMonnit Express.

The ALTA Wireless Sensor Adapter easily connects to a Microsoft® Windows® PC via a USB cable, and its key features include:

  • The latest ALTA security encryption, long-range wireless reach, and radio frequency interference immunity.
  • A new web-based user interface with an advanced automatic refresh of its status section, a simplified command section, plus firmware updates.
  • Custom IoT system designers can use the ALTA Wireless Sensor Adapter to integrate ALTA Wireless Sensors into their other wired and wireless IoT platforms or networks.
  • The ALTA Wireless Adapter’s user interface is available through any computer or mobile device on a local network.

Curious to know more? Discover what the ALTA Wireless Sensor Adapter can do.

Tech News

Administrators Can Now Enable SAML Single Sign-On in iMonnit

new single sing-on in iMonnit

New iMonnit account settings enable organizations to allow users to log in using their work computer access credentials. The new login authentication process is called Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on (SSO). Administrators and users will have an even more seamless and secure iMonnit login experience.

The primary role of SAML SSO is to improve online security and help people access multiple web applications using one set of login credentials. Other benefits of the new iMonnit SAML SSO process include:

  • Eases iMonnit administrator management of user credential controls, setup, and use
  • Helps organizations meet industry, corporate, and government web access security requirements
  • Allows organizations to define and manage security levels like two-factor authentication (2FA) and credential authentication standards
  • Provides iMonnit users simplified and authenticated access without remembering multiple passwords for employee software systems

Log into iMonnit to see the new SAML SSO account and user settings. Any questions? Call your Monnit Sales Representative at (801) 561-5555.

Monthly Giveaways

Congratulations to May’s Winners!

Monnit gear product shot

We received entries from Monnit Fans with photos and randomly selected the following Monnit Giveaways winners for the May contest. They each receive a box of Monnit Swag. Thank you to everyone who participated. Enter June’s contest below for another two chances if you didn’t win.

Photo Entry Winners

  • Peter Candy, grower, Avon Valley Floral, floral wholesale and greenhouses
  • Abdo Haddad, technical engineer, IoT Plus, IoT system integration and product development
  • Hammad Hafiz, service engineer, ESBE Scientific, clinical laboratory supply house
  • Henrik Lagerström, cabin owner, Kräggtjärns Vägförening, Venjan, Sweden homeowners association
  • Sathish Ramachandran, project manager, NMSWorks Software, network management solutions

Entry Winners

  • Nazar Abuelela, project manager, New Vision Systems Canada, automation system integration
  • Amanda Burke, food safety and quality assurance manager, Fresh Bites, custom gourmet food offerings and meals
  • Kevin Morris, business development representative, Control Depot, building automation controls distribution
  • Josef Mueller, CEO and founder, CoolGreenPower, energy efficiency solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Win Monnit Merchandise in June!

We’re giving away Monnit-branded goods like snapback hats, T-shirts, and lunch cooler bags. There are two ways to win in our Monnit Giveaways promotion.

  1. Enter to win in our random drawing at the end of each month. Just fill out this short form.
  2. Send a high-resolution photo of your Monnit Sensors in action to with a short description of your use case.

We’ve reserved many high-quality promotional items for you, our valued customers. Thank you in advance for participating in Monnit Giveaways.

Tech Tip

How to Use Actions in iMonnit—Helpful Resources

using actions in iMonnit

When you understand how to use Actions in iMonnit Sensor Management and Remote Monitoring Software, you know how to get critical data on demand and when you need it most. Actions are sometimes called Notifications and Alerts symbolized by a rocket ship icon. Configured correctly, Actions prompt an email, text, or voice call when a sensor detects a condition crossing a threshold or a setting you’ve created. This knowledgebase article provides a quick introduction to 30 resources that show you how to take advantage of the Actions settings in iMonnit.

Here are some of the things you can learn from these resources about Actions:

  • Basic steps to create a new Action
  • Set up a recipient of your Action
  • Configure Actions for refrigerator systems
  • Disarming and rearming Actions
  • Setting triggers for Actions

Click here to learn how to configure Actions in iMonnit to get actionable data.

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